DHR Stylists

Harvard Square
14 Eliot Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

User Reviews

Stylist: Dale

So, I don't have the easiest, prettiest hair, but I have been growing it out forever and needed to get a trim before a big trip. I saw Dale, as recommended on this site, and told him that I wanted to keep the length and just chop up the top layers so that they curled a bit more. He suggested moving up my bottom layer a little, and I said that was fine, but not *too* much. 30 minutes later, my hair is FOUR INCHES shorter. That is not a trim. I felt like he spent more time trying to sell me on Aveda products than actually getting to know the ins and outs of my hair. While the decor is fabulous and the two stylists are super nice and friendly, I wouldn't go back.

Reviewed on 09.12.09

Stylist: Dale

I've been in a couple times and dragged friends with "difficult" hair in, too--I love these guys! Dale listened patiently to every little quirk I had about styling issues and what I wanted the final result to be, and styled it simply wonderfully. Reasonably priced, very funky geeky decor (big draw for me), and a comfortable atmosphere. My boyfriend (also has curls) and I were both so happy when we walked out last time--and we're never happy after a haircut!

Reviewed on 06.04.07

Stylist: Rob or Dale

This is a wonderful hidden gem in Cambridge, particularly for people with curly hair. I had a very hard time finding a stylist who could deal with my stubborn half-curly half-wavy hair, and both Rob and Dale have alternately kept my hair looking great for the last three years. The haircut is affordable, Dale and Rob are fun and relaxed, and every haircut has looked awesome from the first day on. Maintenance has also been a snap, which I really appreciate.

Reviewed on 05.21.07