Judy Jetson

1765 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

User Reviews

Stylist: Feri

My teenage son recently went in for a trim. I was not with him at the time. He stated he wanted to keep his current style, which was the same length around his entire head within an inch or so. It was roughly 9 inches long and very full. He left with a mullet, except the portion around his ears was left longer by 2 inches than any other length of hair. The mullet portion was uneven and had no shape. I would never recommend Feri to anyone for a cut whether they had straight or curly hair. After speaking to the manager Judy, we were refused a refund of our money. She offered only to fix the haircut. How can I trust her s****s if she employs a stylist that would give this type of service?

Reviewed on 03.06.19

Stylist: Maureen

Went in and basically said "Do something to this 2C mess, maybe I'm growing it out, but I'm not sure, I hate it all over the back of my neck." I had a vague idea of an early Ani-Difrancoesque look, and said a few times that I like the bulk of my hair to be higher rather than lower. Maureen started by shaping my hair into a bob-esque look, then wanted to dry it straight to make sure I could wear it that way. It's a nice move, but I NEVER wear my hair straight, which I told her a few times. She insisted, so I said well what the heck and let her round-brush dry it....into a horrible New England Prep Mom pageboy. To her credit, she did see the look of horror on my face, but it took about three repetitions of me saying "I just never wear it straight, it looks so weird, it's just not me" before she said "Well let's wet it down again." Once it was wet and I'd sat under the dryer for a little to let it curl, I was pleasantly surprised. It was that sort of top-heavy shape that I like and it was a length that I could still clip back in the front if I wanted. I'll definitely go back to the salon-I may try another stylist, but I think I'm on the right track with Judy Jetson. Maureen says she has 2c-ish hair like me but she DOES wear it blowdried straight, so maybe cut wise she's more comfortable with defined curls over curly-ish fuzz.

Reviewed on 06.16.12

Stylist: Feri

I went to Feri because of the great reviews on this site and absolutely loved her! She does knows curls:) She did a wonderful haircut with a great layers, fantastic shape and flow. My hair looks great, every curls has its place and she actually managed to give an exact length I asked. She's very professional, has a lot what to say about products and even showed me a tip how to make an updo. I will absolutely go back to her. Love my haircut - loveit, love it, love it!

Reviewed on 06.20.10

Stylist: Feri

Great cut from Feri! I just moved to the area a couple months ago and needed to find someone new and trustworthy to deal with my crazy curls. I found Judy Jetson through this website and called to beg them to fit me in last minute. The receptionist told me Feri was great with curls, was one of the senior stylists, and I'm so glad I listened! Good price, easy to get to, fun little shop, and Feri was really fun and nice. She had good suggestions but also listened to what I wanted. And she certainly isn't afraid to wield her scissors! I only have a couple complaints. First, their wash stations are really uncomfortable. I feel like the base of my skull is bruised today from having my head in the sink. And I was sitting so upright because the sinks are so high that a lot of water dripped down the sides of my face and into my ears. Also, I don't know why the girl washing my hair felt that half of my face needed to be shampooed and conditioned as well, a little odd and unpleasant. Other than that, great experience! I would certainly go back.

Reviewed on 02.04.10

Stylist: Linda Chehab

I followed advice on this site and went to Linda a year ago. LOVED her! I am an annual tress cutter, and usually go about to chin length, but wanted to let it grow long enough to donate. She gave me a long cut and brought about spiral curls I've never had before. Now it's time to go and cut it all, and I'm very excited.

Reviewed on 01.16.09

Stylist: Linda Shehab

I've been going to Linda for about eight years now. Every time I've let somebody else touch my 3b/3c hair, I've regretted it. At this point, I just tell her, "Do what you will," and she always gives me something wonderful. Linda really understands curly hair. She's given me edgy, short cuts, as well as long, elegant cuts. If you ask her for something interesting and trendy, she'll do it; if you want something conservative, she'll respect that. She's very good at cuts that grow out gracefully, which is good for me - I'm low maintenance and don't want to run to the salon every six weeks. My boyfriend has hair similar to mine, and he goes to Linda too. The cuts are a bit pricey - $50+ - but they're worth every penny. And did I mention she's completely hilarious? Just sit back, ask her about her boyfriend, be entertained, and leave with a really nice haircut. ps - The parking situation near the salon is a bit tough, so get there early or just take the T to Porter Square.

Reviewed on 05.28.07

Stylist: Maureen

I [heart] Maureen! She helped me recover from a bad layering received at another salon. She listened to all my concerns and gave me exactly the cut I've been looking for. At last!

Reviewed on 05.24.07