Image at Katan

1246 High St Amradale

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Stylist: Jenna!!

I saw senior stylist Jenna. Firstly, she really listened to what I didn't like about my hair. Then she cut my hair dry for my curls!!! My hair looked amazing after the cut, all the curls sat really well together and blended well. My hair also had a lot more volume. Then I had it washed, and it looked great. My fiance said it is the best haircut he's seen on me! Definitely recommend!

Reviewed on 04.29.12

Stylist: Jenna!!

i went and saw jenna at image at katan seven months ago now and she did the most amazing hair cut on my long long curly hair and dryed it awesome (and she didnt want me to staighten, which i loved) the products were amazing and since then i have now sent my 6 sisters there which all have long curly hair and we are all madly in love with Jenna!! She is for sure worth a try if u having trouble with your curls.

Reviewed on 12.16.07