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Stylist: Amanda (mcmahon) Payne

Amanda Payne is, without a doubt, one of the best hair stylists I've ever been to. She is extremely talented, professional and passionate about her craft. She is a star (expect to wait a few weeks for an appointment) without the star attitude. I have very thick, tightly coiled African-American hair and not only is Amanda beyond capable of handling my hair, she celebrates it. I love going to her because...-She values her customer's time and manages her's well, all while being extremely in demand. -She is so passionate and knowledgeable about curly hair that I truly believe there is no texture she can't do. She guided me on how to properly take care of my hair from products to technique to tools to treatments...you name it. I had a lot of questions and she didn't miss a beat. -She values excellence. Good enough is not good enough for Amanda. She really takes her time with her Deva cuts and suits them to a client's curl pattern, facial features and head shape. Her cuts don't just look good day of. They are well constructed, lay well and grow out beautifully.-She is open to direction but she doesn't need much of it. I am PICKY and I can tell her "do what you think is best" with complete confidence that she knows what she is doing. -I am tender headed and she can detangle and style my thick hair pretty painlessly. -When you are in her chair she is focused and present. She responds amazingly quickly to e-mails. You can tell she really cares about her clients because she goes above and beyond. -She is thoughtful in the way she speaks about natural hair. Amanda understands that a lot of clients come to her with negative experiences. I've been to way too many stylists (even salon owners!) that have subtly or overtly treated my hair as something difficult, foreign or less desirable. It's a horrible feeling way too many curly girls can relate to. Amanda is patient and I have never felt self conscious about my hair in her chair. I have also never felt self-conscious walking around the salon. I've come in with my hair looking tangled and Crazy and no one from the receptionists to the other stylists bats an eye. This is how it should be. -Some stylists are more skilled with short or long hair, feminine or more edgy styles. Amanda can do it all.There are so many good things to say about Amanda. She is a truly rare and exceptional stylist. 

Reviewed on 08.02.17

Stylist: Amanda (mcmahon) Payne

Amanda is the "Curl Whisperer"!  I did not like my hair until I trusted her to show me the way.  She patiently taught me all there is to know about how to care for and style curly hair.  I now get compliments on a regular basis and have referred many happy clients Amanda's way!  Thanks to Amanda, I LOVE my curls and feel that they are part of my personality.  I have thrown out my brushes and flat irons...gladly.Amanda is certified by DevaCurl in NYC.  She is a master at giving a curly cut and coloring curly hair.  She has an incredible eye for style and picking color!  She has continued to refine my look over the years, and is very eager to work with me to change things up or experiment on a new look.  I have gone to Amanda for over 14 years and will continue to highly recommend her to all of my male and female curly friends!

Reviewed on 02.15.15

Stylist: Amanda (mcmahon) Payne

I get bored easily with my hair, so I truly appreciate that Amanda is always ready to do something new when I'm in her chair. Sometimes it's a drastic length change, sometimes it's playing with color. But whatever it is, I know it's going to look awesome, and not just for regular appointments either. When I did a pro photo shoot for my business, I turned to Amanda. When I got married, I never even thought about calling anyone else. She's a total pro, fun to be around, inspiring with her own beautiful self, and an expert in all things curly-hair. I recommend her unreservedly to anyone with curly hair (or, frankly, any kind of hair) who wants to look their best and needs a trusted stylist to help them get there.

Reviewed on 01.25.15

Stylist: Amanda (McMahon) Payne

Amanda has been my stylist for almost 9 years and I’m following her in her move from Cavallaro & Co to Looks Salon & Spa in Columbia. I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with my hair every time I leave her chair. Before Amanda I’d never been to the same stylist more than once or twice because every haircut I got looked the same no matter who I went to, so I thought that was simply my fate with curly hair. I was wrong, there is such a thing as a great curly cut. I love the way my curls look after an appointment, and I’m always surprised by what a difference even just a maintenance cut can make in the way my hair looks and feels. Amanda is a DevaCurl advanced stylist, she  has specialized in curly hair for over 10 years. She taught me how to care for my curls to keep them healthy and, as a result, looking great. I don’t alllways do as I should (or shouldn’t) but my hair is still so much better than it was pre-Amanda! And when I do follow the regime my curls look amazing; it isn’t difficult at all, I just rarely have time to do anything more than add some product after I shower, but the way she taught me to handle my hair post-shower still makes a noticeable difference even without styling or blow drying. I highly recommend Amanda. I focused on her curly cuts in this review since this NaturallyCurly, but she is also an awesome colorist.

Reviewed on 10.18.14