Jersey Curl Salon

574 Anderson Ave.
Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

User Reviews

Stylist: Veronica

I have 3C 4A hair and I have been transitioning from heat damage for 3 years now. My second time going to jersey curl was Aug2015 and Veronica was just as amazing as the first time. She always gives me a beautiful shape and retains my length even after I tell her to cut more lol. She is not a scissor happy stylist. She cuts my hair dry, then washes it and styles it and once it dries she trims off whatever looks out of place. Oh and may I add that they don't use combs or brushes just their fingers to detangle!This is the best salon I have ever been to!

Reviewed on 02.03.16

Stylist: Rebekah

I highly recommend this place to everyone! Every time I go there it's such a great experience. Both hair stylist really know what they're doing and they're both curly hair specialist. They only use the product Deva Curl which works wonders on all types of curly hair, which is the product that I use so when I saw they only use Deva Curl it made them so much better of a salon.As soon as I got there they offered me tea, water, or coffee which was so nice of them (may I add that their chose of tea taste so good). When I told Rebekah wanted I wanted with my hair she knew exactly what to do and my hair turned out amazing. Every question I had about my hair she answered it with such knowledge that I felt super conformable having my hair done by her. The salon itself is very cute and it has a home-y feeling to it. I highly recommend everyone to get their haircut at this salon.

Reviewed on 04.05.15