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Stylist: Zee Cordero

As the daughter of a straight-haired mother, I struggled on my own with what to do with my wavy hair for over a decade, ever since it got a little curl in it during puberty. Last year, I started going to Zee for my hair cuts, and he has helped give my hair the best shape it's had in years, and helped me find products that have helped my hair live up to its full curl potential and reduced frizz. Plus he's always a joy to talk to!FYI, these days you'll find Zee cutting at Soul Space Salon in Orchard Park.

Reviewed on 09.23.17

Stylist: Zee Cordero

Zee was awesome--he explained everything and was very warm and friendly. He's very knowledgable and not at all pushy about the products he uses (DevaCurl), and he gave samples that lasted a week or two!I only gave him 4 stars out of 5 because my hair is still pretty limp and lacking as much curl as I want it to have. That said, I don't think that's his fault--it seems to be just my hair having an identity crisis!

Reviewed on 11.15.14

Stylist: Zee Cordero

It has taken me a lifetime to find a stylist who knows what to do with curls. As the only member of my family with curly hair, I have always been at a loss for what to do with it. I've always loved my curls but have never known how to properly hydrate or style it, what products to do, what type of hair cut I should take, etc. Zee is a laid back, talented, unique and interesting individual who makes your haircut a fun, enjoyable, and educational experience. He explains what he is doing and why he is doing it. He makes sure to give you the right cut so your curls properly form and look their best. He gives you tips and tricks on what products to use, how to use them, and what else you can do to keep your curls perfectly in tact. My hair has never looked or felt so healthy. I learned so much about my hair and how my curls work. I used to dread getting my hair cut and would leave salons in tears - now I have a stylist I trust and feel comfortable recommending to my friends. If you've struggled with your curls, I strongly suggest Zee Cordero - he takes amazing care of you and your hair will thank you.

Reviewed on 09.29.14

Stylist: Zee Cordero

I have never had a proper haircut for my curly hair. I went in with my uneven cut without any expectations and I was blown away by Zee's curl expertise! He cut my hair using his extensive DevaCurl training while keeping me in the loop of exactly what he was doing the whole time. Both my curls and my cut turned out beautifully, even on a humid and rainy day. I recommend Zee for all curly-haired girls in WNY!

Reviewed on 09.06.14