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User Reviews

Stylist: Mary

I got mt curls tended to here recently and it was eye opening! Mary does things differently. She is not a standard deva stylist for sure, her experience goes further than that. I want to say that the previous review may not have been truthful. When i showed my hair to Mary I didnt realize that i had buildup so I did not present my hair to her as she wanted. She did a clarifying treatment on me, a cut and style and the total chargea still came to less than half of what anyone else would have charged. Sucks to be you past reviewer, you are totally missing out. Mary cut my hair wet which was the first time in years but my curls ended up really bouncy and juicy. This is in part the way the ends were cut and in part to the new i.m. curly producys thay Mary makes. Great products! Don't be afraid to try someome who does things differently because it just might be the missing piece of the puzzle.

Reviewed on 11.18.18

Stylist: Mary - Owner

Let me preface this by saying that I didn't actually have my hair done here, but there is a very good reason for that!I had contacted Gossips for a consultation for colour. They are known for doing vibrant looks so I thought I would be in good hands. I should also say that when I made the consultation appointment it was the owner herself that booked me with this other stylist after hearing a brief of what I wanted. It took me an hour each way to get to the salon, where I proceeded to spend another hour with the stylist. I brought a ton of photos of the look I was hoping for, as well as going in with freshly washed hair so they could see my texture.The owner was there and it was not a busy time (daytime weekday). I was satisfied with the outcome of the consultation and proceeded to book an appointment for 2 months later.Fast forward to a week prior to my appointment, I get a call from the owner saying that the stylist had left so she could either book me during the afternoon a week later or just cancel the appointment. WTF! Who says that?! I told her that I specifically booked for the day and time that I did because of how far I had to travel. She proceeded to tell my that her clients book far in advance and she only sees new clients on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I was immediately turned off by this attitude, but because I had already waited 2 months by this time, I agreed to change the appointment.The following week I realized that I should have listened to my gut and found someone new. I arrived, only to wait for 1/2 hour with no acknowledgement (only from the receptionist). When she finally came up to me, she says she can't do my hair!While her explanation for why she can't do my hair, I am frustrated that the salon essentially allowed me to waste 5 1/2 hours, only to be told no. She did not apologize for the big mistake that happened and only continued to repeat that she has been doing this for 35 years so she knows what she is talking about.What the hell was the point of that consultation if something like this happens? Where is the due diligence on making sure your staff isn't going to ruin my hair? What would have happened if she wasn't there to see what was supposed to be done?!While the owner knows her stuff, I can only give this salon a 3/5 because there needs to be responsibility taken for employing people that are not properly trained and can potentially destroy someone's hair.

Reviewed on 01.27.17