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967 Worcester Road
Framingham, MA 01701

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Stylist: Alberto

Once again I leave a salon in tears. I read the reviews on this site and got really excited that maybe I too, could have a hairstyle. So I made an appointment with Alberto. He was very nice, and seemed to listen when I talked. I explained that my hair curls differently in different areas, and any cutting by my face would be amplified at least 4-fold. Alberto thought that I should have a face-frame, and I told him where I wanted the layers to fall. I also told him that I part my hair on the side, and he should cut it with the part on the side. Then the cutting began. He wouldn't cut it parted on the side. He layered it all around, and told me to trust him, he knows what he is doing. When it was over, he gave me his spiel on how to do your curly hair from shower to dry. When I saw myself in the mirror, it was a flash-back to the last terrible butcher job that I got. The front was just 2 big clumps of curly hair, about 1/2 as long as the rest of the hair. When I told him I didn't like it, and the longer would have to be brought up to soften the chunks at either side of my head, he got really defensive made me feel bad for not liking it, and said "Are you kidding me right now?! You have got to be kidding me." And when I again said that there were chunks he used the old excuse "If you pull it straight, you will see it blends right in!" Unfortunately, I don't have straight hair, and it doesn't behave like straight hair. After refusing to fix it, I had to pay him for the priviledge. And I cried my way home. Then I got to pay someone else to fix it. I lost ~$95 and at least a year of length. Also, his method of doing curly hair takes forever if you have thick hair and didn't look very nice at all on me. Overall, it was a nightmare for me.

Reviewed on 01.10.09

Stylist: Alberto

I want to add to the people who love Alberto at Salon Alberto! I have very thick hair (medium-coarse) with wavy to spiral curls. I wanted to be able to wear it down without it getting in my face, but without putting in a ton of product. I also wanted to avoid "triangle-head" hair and frizz. Alberto gave me the *best* haircut I have ever had. It's 2 weeks later and I still love it. My hair is very easy to manage and looks great in different styles. I look like I still have a lot of hair, but it's very light on my head. Basically he gave me a ton of layers (and told me to run from any stylist that ever tried to use thinning shears on my hair). He also gave me step-by-step instructions about how to care for my curly hair from shower to styling, which was very helpful to me! This man really knows his stuff and shares info in a really friendly, pleasant way. (though I disagree that air drying always dooms me to frizz) I think the haircut alone cost $65, but when I added in products, blowout, taxes, tips etc it was more like a total of $120. I do not mind this at all because this is a seriously awesome haircut + education + products (and I'm usually pretty cheap). The only con I can think of was the wait. Luckily I wasn't in a hurry, and I could see that he was giving attention to another customer. Since I wouldn't want him to hurry my cut to meet a schedule, and I wasn't in a hurry (and they had coffee and cookies and magazines) I didn't mind, but anyone going there should be sure to budget plenty of time. As I was waiting the assistant was checking on me (offering me coffee etc), so I never felt ignored. A very nice, cosy vibe to the salon. fyi: The salon is a little hard to find. Going west on 9, it's right after where 30 splits fr rt 9, and the first right onto a hill.

Reviewed on 09.28.08

Stylist: Alberto

I got my hair cut last week and have already gotten 3 compliments on my curly hair.

Reviewed on 09.25.08

Stylist: ?

I have been searching for a good salon, but before i make the appointment, I wanted to know about how much a cut and style would be with Alberto. Thanks for your help!

Reviewed on 07.28.08

Stylist: Alberto

He is a master! I found out about him on this site and decided to give him a call and make an appointment. My curls look AMAZING! I can't remember walking out of a salon this happy!

Reviewed on 07.25.07

Stylist: Alberto

I would like to post this so that everyone that has curly hair know there is for real a person that really knows how to deal with curls. My curls have always been the least atractive, to say it mildly, and this person who's name is Alberto at Salon Alberto in Framingham, Ma., is fantastic. I love my hair now. The best part is that he kept my hair long and showed me step by step how to take care of it, and it really takes me no more than ten or fifteen minutes and I have the most beautiful curls. No freeze, no stiff, just bounce and shine. Give him a call. His number is 508-820-0025 and the address is 967 worcester rd. Rte. 9 West. You will not regret it!!

Reviewed on 07.24.07

Stylist: Alberto

My hair has been very curly and frizzy all my life and I was ready to have it all cut off, until I was highly recommended to see Alberto at Salon Alberto in Framingham, Ma. He took his time in demonstrating what I have to do to get the same results as he, and I love my hair more than ever before. The best part is that he kept my hair long and now I am so happy. He is a must meet stylist.

Reviewed on 07.16.07

Stylist: Alberto

Oh My God, I finally found the right person to cut and style my, (what I thought) the most horrible mess of curls and freezy hair I've had all my life. Alberto was highly recommended by someone I met on the street, who had the most beautiful curly hair. Not only did he cut my hair, but he took his time to educate me step by step and showed me how to. And the best thing is that it only takes a few minutes to finish the whole style. Now I really love my hair. And also he kept my hair long. It is worth the appointment.

Reviewed on 07.12.07