InSpire Salon & Spa

3615 Coffee Road Suite 500
Bakersfield, CA 93308
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Stylist: None

I called to schedule an appointment with one of their "curly hair specialist" and I was told that they do not service people with "biracial" hair. When I asked for clarification, I was told that they only see people with curly hair. I then said, I have curly hair, so do you mean to say that you don't service black people with curly hair...I was told "yes. It's a different texture and we don't do that here." So my question is, how can you claim to be a "curly hair specialist" if you limit your clientele to only non-black/biracial people with curly hair? The owner and other stylists are trained in Ouidad product use and I personally use Ouidad products at home and they make hair care products for my hair texture/type, so I would ****ume that the brand would also properly train stylists to cut hair of ALL textures/types and not just the non-black/biracial types. It is pretentious to label yourself as a curly hair specialist when you are, in fact, inept; and it is tactless to allow your staff to represent your salon in such a way.

Reviewed on 11.17.18