24 Market Street
Hexham, J6 NE46 3NU

User Reviews

Stylist: Wayne and Jordan

The best salon I have ever been to for my curly hair. A lot of times hairdressers look a bit uncertain when I show them short curly hair. Wayne said 'perfect'. The sheer amount of skill he shows, and the understanding of how to make curly hair its best is something I have never seen before. The time and effort taken to make sure each section of my hair was doing its bit to the overall cut.If anyone is anywhere in the area at all I highly recommend a visit, as Wayne loves your hair, and he can work miracles with it!Also, he styled it with just conditioner, which not only looks great but also gave me the best curls I have ever had, and no poodle hair leaving the salon.

Reviewed on 11.07.14