Jade by Alex at Shear Envy Salon Boutique

264 Third Ave.
Chula Vista, CA 91910
(619) 427-6460

User Reviews

Stylist: Alex Marcos Calderon

When I first found Alex I thought he was wonderful, he had his own glamorous salon in downtown Chula Vista, he cut the right amount off, he was a lot more accessible. After years of suffering at the hands of hairdressers I felt safe. I even gave him an excellent review on this website almost four years ago. Lets fast forward to December 2014 and talk about him NOW. After having to give up his salon and rent a chair at Shear Envy Salon Boutique (which is gorgeous btw) you can really feel his personality. Now that I've been going with him for almost a decade, because I've been going to him since 2008, I realize he is a DIVA! Mind you he was an official make-up artist at the Cannes Film Festival but that does NOT excuse his behavior lately. For starters he is NO LONGER ACCESSIBLE towards the customer, it was either get the haircut when he said or not to get it at all. So because of Christmas I was a little late and he was SO UPSET. He left me in the sink for 20 MINUTES while he went and cut someone else's hair, which doesn't bother me at all, it could bother me less. What really upsets me about him at this moment is that he did what he wanted to with my hair. I asked for him to cut off about 3 and a half inches and what does he do? HE CUT OFF ALMOST A FOOT! My hair use to be slightly above my waist CURLY! And now it's slightly below my shoulders FLAT IRONED! I don't even want to know what it's gonna look like when I wash it and get shrinkage. I cannot pass a reflection without crying! I cannot believe him! Now if you're ok with someone telling you when to cut your hair, how to cut you hair, leave you in the sink for almost half an hour and take as much hair off as they like simply to be able to say you got your hair cut by a Cannes Film Festival Make-up Artist then to each their own but I AM DONE WITH HIM! Moving forward in life he's not the only person who can cut curly hair in San Diego.

Reviewed on 12.25.14