Royale Hair Parlor

116 W 6th St.
Bloomington, IN 47402

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Stylist: Erin

Erin has moved to a new salon.  I will update when I find out where she is working.

Reviewed on 03.29.15


I live in a small town 50 miles away from a "city" and have had some pretty terrible haircuts.  More so, I hate the products that have been used on my hair and how everyone wants to straighten my hair.  After not trusting anyone with my hair for about 3 years and it growing to my waist, I decided it had to be cut.  After doing tons of research and reading 100's of reviews, I finally chose a salon that has some stylists with curly hair knowledge!!  I was interested in a DevaCut and found them on the DevaCurl website.  I was highly impressed with Royale Hair Parlor and my stylist, Erin.  She was super friendly and is highly educated and experienced with curly hair.  She started off by asking lots of questions.  She also thoroughly explained her process before and while she was going through it.  She showed me how to style my hair and also how to refresh it for days 2 and 3; as well as giving lots of other tips along the way.  I would totally recommend anyone fighting their curls to try going to Erin at Royale.  I hope this review helps more curly girls!!  :]

Reviewed on 01.01.15