Fringe Salon

79 Wharf St
Pickering Wharf
Salem, MA 01970

User Reviews

Stylist: John

I'll begin by saying I haven't had my hair cut in over a year due to fear of yet another bad cut.I tend to research everything, and did the same when deciding after I couldn't stand my crazy, unshared hair any longer, to give John at Fringe a try.After over an hour drive, I was praying for a miracle.From the minute I sat down, John sat with me to assess how I do my hair, and what I would like to achieve from today's haircut.  We had a lengthy discussion about my curls and how I styled them, etc. I'll make a long story short by stating that not only is John a true craftsman at what he does, but an artist and truly down to earth person who wants to help we Curly Clients feel good and ROCK our curls. You can tell he truly loves hair and stated cutting curly hair is favorite. It shows .When leaving the salon, I had an adorable haircut, a new friend and relief knowing I had found a new, wonderful stylist. 

Reviewed on 02.23.15

Stylist: Adrianna

Cool & funky salon. Friendly staff. Great stylest. I had a cut with Adrianna and I love the results. The girl has skills.

Reviewed on 10.01.11

Stylist: John, Adrianna and Liz

Do you like loving your hair when you leave a salon? Then you should go to fringe. I have been going their every 4-6 months for almost 3 years. You will get an great haircut no matter who you see at this salon. They take the time to explain things, answer questions, and even though I'm usually there for an hour or two, they never rush me out the door. I have very curly hair that strikes fear into the hearts of most stylists, but fringe cuts it so that it is easier to take care of, less frizzy, and more curly. This place is awesome.

Reviewed on 09.16.11

Stylist: John

After months of dealing with my long, curly locks, I got tired of it - tired of putting it up in a ponytail, tired of all the gels and weight and bad hair days. I decided to chop it off and donate the curls to Locks of Love.I am always wary of where I get my hair cut because it's curly (not consistent, some wavy parts, some straight, some 3a curls) and some salons have no idea how to cut it. I usually go to Cala Renee but a co-worker with one of the best curly cuts this side of the Mississippi told me to check out Fringe. She said their cuts don't look the same - as Cala Renee's cuts do - and it's a fresher kinda place so I decided to check it out. Since I do research for a living, I did mine before I set my appointment up. I liked what I read about John's curly cuts - and trust me, I looked up every single review. The salon is small - but really really nice. The decor is killer & I dig the colors. The music was good too - it calmed me down from my 45 minute drive in listening to The Damned full blast trying to kill my pre-cut jitters. The receptionist was very nice as well - when I walked through the door, I wasn't hit with pretentiousness or horrendous smells of dye & whatnot - it smelled magical. John greeted me with a big smile & I was instantly at ease. He was genuine & not snotty & he smelled good too :) He listened to exactly what I wanted and started out by cutting off a good bit of my hair. He then went to work cutting and shaping. My hair looked like a big puff ball & I kinda got nervous but I remembered my research & knew that he knew what he was doing - it's like he had that look in his eyes that he could see the finished product of his work even before it was halfway finished - I trusted him completely. But then he pulled out a comb! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT be afraid! There is a reason why the comb was used & he explained it to me - combs, as we curly haired girls understand, are a no-no to us. What John explained was that he had to get to every piece- he had to comb just a bit to get the hidden locks out & cut right. This was something I noticed after my last cut at Cala Renee that there were some pieces missed because they were hidden in the mass of curls. After I was shaped, Kathleen washed and gave me an amazing head massage - it's like she had 20 fingers! Then she explained to me how she was styling my hair & how I should do it at home. She used the Moroccan Oil Mousse that I regret not picking up - I love that stuff. Next, she did a bit of twisting and clipping and put me under the dryer. After that, John styled me a bit more and had this look on his face like he was totally amazed at what was done and when I looked at the finished product, I was floored. I was kind of shocked at how good it looked. I haven't had my hair this short ever and was scared to find out what it would look like. That big mass of hair that was dry, worn out, and too much of a pain in the butt for me was taken to a new level by John - dude is a visionary - a fricking curl whisperer. I am so glad I went there and had him & Kathleen hook me up. At the end, I was still in shock by how relieved I was that it went better than I expected but I left the salon in a daze of weightless bliss (I feel bad because I wanted to thank John for the 3rd time before I left-but didn't want to disturb him - if you're reading this, thank you John!) I should have, like one reviewer suggested, had someone else drive me home cause all I wanted to do was check out my hair. It cost bit more than other salons but there was 100% trust there - which I never had anywhere. You can't complain about cost when the quality is this good. It was worth the 45 minute drive - I highly recommend John and the staff at Fringe - my new favorite place :)

Reviewed on 03.19.11

Stylist: John/Adrianna

The best curly/wavy stylists on the North Shore! They do the best dry cuts I've ever gotten, they really know how to make the best of what have. No one else can get my hair to curl the way they do.

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Adrianna/John

Just wanted to update that I still love this salon. I didn't see them for over a year, the travel got to be too much. After one disastrous cut after another I will never stray again!!!!!!!! They still are the only ones that understand my hair.

Reviewed on 09.22.10

Stylist: Adrianna

Best curly cut ever! The cut and tips Adrianna gave me were amazing. It stood up to the heat and humidity of India for 6 weeks and still looked good. And following her tips actually cut down on the time I spent on my hair in the morning (which wasn't very much to begin with). Now it's just 2 minutes and I'm done.

Reviewed on 04.02.10

Stylist: John

Look no further. This is the place to go for a curly cut. I have tried salons on Newbury Street. John is simply the best stylist for curly and straight hair. He does excellent color as well. I strayed away from Fringe due the distance, but I am back and completely happy.

Reviewed on 09.19.09

Stylist: John

This is absolutely the best salon I've ever visited. Not only did John give me a great curly cut that still looks good almost two months later, but the entire staff made me feel like a valued customer. I live in Boston and traveled to Salem for the cut. Nowhere in Boston provides service like Fringe. John and his staff are highly recommended!

Reviewed on 06.12.09

Stylist: John

Another great cut by John 2 weeks ago! It is worth the hour drive for me. I only get my hair cut 2-3 times a year so I might as well get it done by the best!

Reviewed on 02.27.09

Stylist: John, Adrianna and Liz

This is the place to go for the perfect curly cut. I was extremely impressed by John’s cutting skills and attention to detail. He took the time to ask me what I liked and disliked about my hair and then set out to give me the perfect cut. Adrianna and Liz were fantastic at washing, styling and finishing off the look. This is the first time I have been able to walk out of a salon without having to wear a baseball cap. It’s been a month since my cut and I am still loving the results. This is the only salon I will go to. ~Maria

Reviewed on 10.03.08

Stylist: John

I traveled from Western MA to check out this salon. I must say - I am very very happy. John does a great cut that is part Deva cut and part his own style. He got the sides of my hair to curl like they have never curled before. It falls great and he was great in suggesting I shorten up my sides/bangs. He cut my hair and Liz styled it using Deva products and clipping. Then under the hood for a bit and John finished up the styling. In comparison to my cut at Cala Renee Salon - this one takes the prize.

Reviewed on 09.05.08

Stylist: John/Adrianna

Hands down the best Curly Hair Salon around! Try them you won't be dissapointed!

Reviewed on 08.09.08

Stylist: John

John truly understands curly hair. His dry cutting technique leaves seamless layers. A wonderful salon and superb hair stylist!

Reviewed on 03.26.08

Stylist: John

THE BEST Hair Stylist for Curly/Wavy Hair Highly Recommended!!!

Reviewed on 03.12.08

Stylist: John

I learned about Fringe from a friend who started doing the curly thing. Her hair looked great, and she told me about John and the new way she was treating and styling her hair. Ever since John did my hair, everyone tells me how great my hair looks, even strangers. Before going to John my old stylist was trying to get me to blow out my curls and even flat iron it. Now it's less work and healthier than it ever was. John also did a great job on my color, it's much more natural looking now. I would highly recommend him to anyone with curly hair.

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: John

So happy I found John - my curls have never looked better! He knows how to cut and use the right products for my hair, and he truly likes curls! For years I had to convince hair cutters to keep my curls. No more fighting them for me - I love being a "curly girl"

Reviewed on 10.08.07

Stylist: John

This salon is amazing! It just opened about 5 months ago, and I was still "searching" for that "right" stylist after moving to the area about a year ago. I heard from a friend that her neighbor (a curly girl) loved it, so I dropped in to make an appointment. Luckily for me, there was an opening - the appointment book is filling fast. John took time to work with my hair, and we found that we had a common view toward looking after curly hair. He has the Curly Girl book, and was well-versed with all of the ways to look after different types of curls. He cut my hair dry, then used "no poo" and other products from the DevaCurl line. My curls are fantastic - and I have been getting compliments on them and the cut! Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 05.13.07