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Stylist: Colleen Conboy

Today was my first cut with Colleen and I am extremely pleased. We started the day out with a scheduling miscommunication, and instead of getting upset or rescheduling, Colleen and the Busy Babes staff recovered beautifully and ensured a wonderful experience for me AND the client after me. Colleen really understands curly hair and my vision for my hair in particular. Colleen is Deva certified, but does not charge an outrageous amount (even though she could). I paid $60 for a cut that I love! I have paid much more and gotten much less before. Colleen was sure to ask about my hair care regiment (all curlies are particular about this) and made sure that my cut would fit my lifestyle.I have temperamental 3A/3B hair, and I would recommend Colleen to anyone looking for a stylist that knows curly hair. 

Reviewed on 01.26.15