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Stylist: Dana Colando

At first i thought deva cut only $60! its really you pay cheap you get cheap. it was very clear and obvious she did not know how to work with my hair type 3c,corkscrew hair with high density and dare i say mixed with african descent. she did all the cutting in my frizzy hair state which was horrible because the result was whispy frizzy ends. it looks like she took a curl and only cut it half way.Some were a thin strand of hair. She "trimmed" way too much off of my hair in general. The shampooing process she never got to my scalp and was rough. The conditioner was very light handed and she started to ripped through my hair trying to distribute/detangle. She then put me under the dryer and half way through my hair was an afro AND SHE SAW NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!!! even after i showed her a picture with define curls. i then, MYSELF, had to add conditioner and detangle my own hair and left her studio into the bathroom of the facility. after i told her over text what was wrong with my hair she kept saying "sorry i did not do that."I had to cut my own hair at home to correct her mistake. DO NOT go to her if you have my type of hair. even though she says she went to the deva studio to learn how to deal with curly hair, she retain nothing from it.

Reviewed on 05.26.15

Stylist: Dana Colando

I decided I wanted to try the DevaCut once but really didn't want to spend the $150 charged by most stylists.  I'm glad I kept looking until I found Glam Rock!  Dana does the DevaCut for nearly the cost of a normal salon haircut.  Under her styling, my hair is curly and well defined; no more "shelf" hair.  It's amazing the difference it made to get a DevaCut with dry hair.  My hair now falls in ringlets.  I'm actually amazed at what I see in the mirror...these curls were there all the time but hidden behind bad haircuts.  She cuts it dry, uses DevaCurl products and has a hooded dryer for drying the hair.  You can book everything online 24/7 and she typically has availability within the week, which I'm grateful for since normally when I decide I need a haircut, I need it NOW.   I love Glam Rock!!

Reviewed on 01.31.15