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Stylist: Rick Shane

See reviews of Rick Shane at his new salon, Style Lounge!

Reviewed on 10.03.14

Stylist: Rick Shane

Oh my gosh I just had the best haircut ever! I read all of the reviews on Rick and drove 60 miles to see him; it was worth every penny. He really takes the time to listen to what your expectations of your hair are and gives great suggestions. I ended up telling him to just do whatever he thought would look good! He does cut the hair wet but don't let that bother you, he makes you feel very comfortable. Overall it was just a small trim but he really gave my hair some shape and I couldn't be happier with the cut :) Also, Rick doesn't style your hair but he has a private room with lots of products and a diffuser so you can style it how you like. Go see Rick if you live in the area, you will NOT regret it :)

Reviewed on 05.31.14

Stylist: Rick Shane

RICK IS BACK! He just opened his new salon, Style Lounge in the Forest Plaza shopping center (the one with the Home Depot and Dollar Tree) in Annapolis. His new salon is gorgeous and much easier to get to than the last one. In fact it's a salon and boutique store all in one. They have lots of cute purses, scarves, and jewelry too! Rick is the same, EXCELLENT, stylist. I have been seeing him for about 9 years, he always gives my curly hair a great cut. And he doesn't push extra add-ons on me, I have a weird gray streak from a birthmark and I wondered if I needed to start coloring (I wanted to put it off until it was absolutely necessary), he told me not to color yet. Can you imagine how much money he lost, by not telling me to color?! He really cares for his clients and wants to do what is best for them. Here's the website for his new salon: Check it out!

Reviewed on 04.30.14

Stylist: Rick Shane

After reading the glowing reviews here on naturally curly, I decided to give Rick a try… Wow! So very glad I did. First, send him an email at [email protected] His Salon’s lease did not renew so he is in transition working at Solace Salon in Annapolis on Tu/W/Th/F. In the email, tell him your hair texture, if you color, what you want to achieve with your cut, and upload a pic to the email. Rick will respond with his cell number and openings for your appt. At the appt come with your hair styled. Rick will spend the time looking at your hair, your facial structure, he will touch your curls, see how they move, how they spring and coil, and he will listen – really listen to what you want to achieve with your cut. You get the feeling you are a canvas for his next masterpiece! Also, bring your styling gel and clips. Rick cuts a fantastic head of hair, but he does not style it. He sets you up at an open station with your gel and supplies you some clips if you did not bring them, and lets you do your thing, then you can sit under the dryer to finish. Frankly, I like that very much and he is right, curlies know best how to style their hair, I like that he gives that one to us! Oh! And don’t freak out – he cuts your hair wet, I was really leery of that because I have 3b coily hair and each one has it’s own length of snap. You just have to trust him on this one, seriously, have faith; he will not let you down. Moreover, he is a fantastic guy, personable and he puts you instantly at ease. I told him I was nervous about the cut; had a horrible experience that kept me away from stylists for four years! He got me over that one as soon as I emerged from the dryer! My hair looks amazing and it frames my face so flatteringly… When I left the salon, I felt like a million bucks for the bargain price of $45.00! You cannot go wrong with Rick! Go confidently and you will emerge happy & beautiful!

Reviewed on 10.09.13

Stylist: Patrik Alan

Patrik Alan has joined Rick and Erik and the rest of their team here! The curl God's have smiled. he is formally from Patrik Alan Salon / Georgia Alan Salon.

Reviewed on 07.13.12

Stylist: Rick

I found Rick's salon listed here and it was much closer than my current stylist. The reviews were great so I took the plunge. I was able to get an appointment fairly quickly due to a last minute cancellation (Thank you last minute cancellation), so I'm not sure how long the wait usually is. The salon is really cute. It's tucked away a little bit, but the directions from the phone appointment were really good. Rick was quick, friendly, very knowledgeable and he gave me a great cut. I thought he'd have to take off quite a bit of length due to damage. He was able to give me a well-shaped, well-layered cut, though, and left a lot more length than I expected. I got some great styling tips, some recommendations about putting my hair up and left really satisfied. I wish I'd found him sooner.

Reviewed on 05.21.12

Stylist: Rick Shane

I have extremely naturally curly hair. For years I cut and hacked on my hair, because I could not find anyone who could cut my hair. I found stylists who said they could cut naturally curly hair, and I would leave their salon in tears. FINALLY, I found RICK SHANE. My hair has never ever looked this good, EVER. He is a miracle worker. I absolutely adore him. If you are tired of getting your hair ruined by so-called stylists. GO TO SHANE & KAUFFMAN and see RICK!!!! You won't be disappointed. He is amazing. He listens to you and treats you like long-lost family. I could go on and on. He is perfection. And the shop is really something to see. You feel so peaceful when you enter. It is fabulous.

Reviewed on 07.23.08

Stylist: Rick Shane

In May of 07 I made my appointment with Rick Shane, I was able to get in the middle of june, I brought pictures and told him how many terrible cuts I have had in the past, I told him whatever he thought I would go with, he gave me several options and explained to me in plain language some of the things I could do, I found him very down to earth, straight to the point and after all of my exasperating behavior he said, I know just what to do..this Christmas I saw family members I have not seen in awhile and I cannot tell you all of the compliments that I have recieved, Rick is fantastic he is one of those rare individuals with vision and talent, he tells it like it is and lets his work speak for him, he is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair and you will LOVE his salon

Reviewed on 12.26.07

Stylist: Rick

I found Rick two years ago from this web site and for the first time in my curly-headed life I LOVE my hair! Rick's salon is one of a kind, small, comfortable, friendly, and personal service like I have never experienced before. Trust your curly headed self to Rick's talented hands and you will leave the salon with a beautiful cut, self confidence and a new best friend.

Reviewed on 03.22.07

Stylist: Rick

I just saw Rick yesterday and I am a new devotee! A native NYer, I was hesitant to say the least - now I only wish I had found Rick sooner! Great atmosphere, great cut, great color, great personality! Rick is refreshingly straightforward. He took one look at my hair and honed in on my color and cut issues right away!

Reviewed on 03.15.07

Stylist: Rick

I have lived in the Annapolis area my whole life and have tried just about every salon out there. I was ready to go to NY to get my hair cut when I ran into this lady who had great curly hair. I asked her who she went to and she said that after traveling to NY for many years she finally found this guy Rick in Arnold. I made an appointment right away and I am so glad I did!!! I can throw away all of those products that are suppose to help curly hair now. It was the right cut that I needed not more goop!! An added bonus has been how great Rick also is at coloring my hair!!!! Wild horses will have to drag me away!!!

Reviewed on 02.09.07

Stylist: Rick Shane

I read all the reviews/drama on this website about the curl guru, Rick Shane and I just HAD to see if he truly does work magic. I am in the process of growing out my hair but I've been struggling for months now with frizz, the rising heat/humidity and just in general, not being used to longer hair. I am also finding it frustrating that no matter how "long" it is, it just shrinks right up to the nape of my neck, not adhering to the hairstyle I want for the day. After meeting the "guru" and discussing my length options, he predicted that by late September, I should have enough weight in my hair for it to actually "drop" and start acting long. I walked out w/ just a basic trim and a few recommendations to try the "black girl" hair products aisle as my hair is always thirsty and can't have enough product in it. I've since been using a heavy leave-in conditioner w/ shea butter and my hair feels and looks healthier. I'd recommend seeing Rick at least once to get tips on frizz control etc. I'm looking forward to this winter and having long curly hair

Reviewed on 06.29.06

Stylist: Rick Shane

I have to say thanks to this site I have finally found someone that can cut my hair and I actually enjoyed the experience, Rick is great I love my haircut and I love his salon, The name will be changing though he told very soon Shane and Kauffman, check this place out maybe I will now get my hair cut more than twice a year!!! Thanks curly girls...Lisa Webber

Reviewed on 04.18.06

Stylist: Rick Shane

I first saw Rick in July of 05, I am a certified fanatic with my hair and was growing out a really bad cut. He was honest told me it would take several times for both the cut and color which the third time was Jan.16 My sister and girlfriend went to Rick and a girl at my gym with bone straight hair goes to Rick. I like to blow out my hair on occasion so I wanted to see what all the hype was about. He talked me out of cutting it all off and with lots of patience five months later I have the most beautiful color and love my hair for the first time, everyone over time has said how great I look, my point is it takes time in some cases Rick is great and I would follow him anywhere. I love his salon too.

Reviewed on 01.31.06

Stylist: Rick Shane

I was disappointed after reading the numerous recommendations on this site for Rick's curly cuts. Rick is definitely personable and quick with his scissors but he doesn't listen. I asked for a thorough trim, shaping to complement my face and features and long layers to enchance my curls. I got a partial trim and very short top layers and thinned hair on 1 side. 6 weeks later I'm still trying to grow out the short layers so I can get my hair re-cut. I'm sure that Rick can give great cuts but my experience told me that he is very inconsistent. Unfortunately my experience was not the good experience that others have had.

Reviewed on 01.26.06