601 South Montford Avenue
Baltimore, MD

User Reviews

Stylist: Jen

Great Salon!!

Reviewed on 02.10.11

Stylist: Katie

Katie at Grapevine was great! She gave me a great cut and explained each step and each product she used. I'm very happy with the cut and the new body my curls now have!

Reviewed on 12.31.09

Stylist: Not Applicable

I've contacted this salon with questions about their stylist roughly 3 - 4 weeks ago. To this day, no one has returned my call. Rating Scale: 0-5 (very poor - excellent) My Rating: 0 (very poor)

Reviewed on 06.17.09

Stylist: Jen

She does an excellent job at shaping my lifeless curls into something great!I've had a lot of bad haircuts by "knowledgeable" stylists before.So,my new general rule for trusting a stylist before they cut my hair is to see their own style first. Jen is a very stylish woman and knows how to do a very stylish cut. A+++++

Reviewed on 07.08.07