Neel Loves Curls

357 Brunswick Street (above Quick Brown Fox) Fitzroy Melbourne
Melbourne, 07 3065
0451 001 433

User Reviews

Stylist: Rebecca

Absolutely amazing! I went there for the first time a week ago, excited but skeptical due to the price. It was completely worth it, the staff were friendly and happy to put up with my 1000 questions, the space was bright, colourful and happy. Full of good vibes. I left with the best hair I’ve ever had and I don’t think i’ll go anywhere else ever again, they’re also the only place I know of that stocks brand like innersense in store. I couldn’t recommend this place more.

Reviewed on 02.03.19

Stylist: Neel Morley

Love the colourful salon and all the staff are super friendly and fun. Me and my curls bounce outta there every time! You get all the right information for your type of curls and have all the right products which helps tremendously. You are attended by the same person from start to finish. Their booking system works on the 1st of the month from 8pm... Get booking!!

Reviewed on 01.29.19

Stylist: Neel

Not just a hair cut, but an education in curls! I learnt so many different ways of getting the most out of my curls and have been using the techniques ever since. My curls have never looked better and I'm getting compliments from friends, family and strangers in ways I never did before going to Neel Loves Curls. Their booking starts on the 1st of each month from8pm, get involved!!

Reviewed on 01.29.19

Stylist: Neel Morley

I was visiting Melbourne from the UK, and Neel squeezed me in, as he'd had a cancellation, lucky me. This was the first time I've walked into a salon and felt confident that the stylist not only knew how to treat my curls, but understood how to treat my curls more than me ! I was given a tutorial about how to look after my curls, and Neel's attitude and attention to detail was 5 star. The whole atmosphere in the salon was fun, supportive and a celebration of curls, this was the best hairdressing experience of my life, and for once I left a salon smiling and not crying ... I highly recommend Neel Loves Curls to every curly haired girl and boy... it was definitely worth flying to the other side of the world for !

Reviewed on 10.22.17

Stylist: Neel Morley

For the first time in my life I had a hairdressing experience that didn't make me just want to give up and shave my head. Neel is the curly hair master! He and his staff know all the secrets to help you fall in love with your curly hair. I was truly looked after and treated like a curly haired queen, something no other hairdresser has ever done for me. Neel Loves Curls isn't just a hairdresser, he's a specialist and visiting him isn't just a haircut, it's the doorway into curly haired love and education! 

Reviewed on 09.17.16

Stylist: Neel Morley

Neel has created such an inspiring and welcoming space for curly girls (and guys).  The salon only cuts curly and wavy hair.  For the first time in my life, I didn't feel like a second class citizen when I walked into a hair salon! I also walked out with the best haircut of my life.  His passion and knowledge for curls is really evident and it is infectious! I am now telling my interstate-flat-iron-addicted sisters that they need to hop on a plane and visit him- definitely worth the journey.

Reviewed on 09.15.16

Stylist: Neel Morley

Neel Loves Curls is a sanctuary for all curly haired humans. Neel is a vision of colour - welcoming you in with a smile to his red, gold and fabulous salon. He does it all - cut, wash, condition, educate, and connect. Neel knows his stuff, and will empower you to love your hair, and treat it with the respect it deserves.I cannot recommend Neel higher - he is the best.

Reviewed on 09.14.16