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Stylist: Gail Jones

I should have written this review back in September when I got a Deva cut from Gail.  This is literally the best haircut I have ever had.  I have naturally type 3a hair and very dense.  I have struggled/hated it my entire life.  Gail took her time with me and explained the Deva method and listened to my problems and concerns about my hair.  Finally my curls had balance, definition and a harmony that I had never seen before.  She also used the Deva products on my hair and kept it very simple and did not try to sell me a lot of products I don't need.  (I have a whole shelf of those at home!)  Months later my curls still look and feel better than ever.  I definitely will go back for a second Deva cut with Gail.  I now see she has moved to Dakota Salon in Columbia, MD and is now a Deva Advanced Stylist.

Reviewed on 02.16.15

Stylist: Amanda Payne (mcmahon)

Amanda is the "Curl Whisperer"! I did not like my hair until I trusted her to show me the way. She patiently taught me all there is to know about how to care for and style curly hair. I now get compliments on a regular basis and have referred many happy clients Amanda's way! Thanks to Amanda, I LOVE my curls and feel that they are part of my personality. I have thrown out my brushes and flat irons...gladly.Amanda is certified by DevaCurl in NYC. She is a master at giving a curly cut and coloring curly hair. She has an incredible eye for style and picking color! She has continued to refine my look over the years, and is very eager to work with me to change things up or experiment on a new look. I have gone to Amanda for over 14 years  (I followed her from Cavallaro & Co to Looks Salon and Spa) and will continue to highly recommend her to all of my male and female curly friends!  

Reviewed on 02.15.15

Stylist: Amanda Mcmahon

I am a born-again curlyhead!  No more flat irons, no more tennis elbow from blow drying my hair straight for an hour.  Amanda and the Deva product and styling techniques for curly girls has changed my life forever!  Your curl can change from brillo to beautiful with Amanda's guidance.  Honestly, your curls will look so great, people will stop you in your tracks and tell you how beautiful your hair is!  

Reviewed on 10.28.14

Stylist: Amanda Payne (Mcmahon)

FYI, Amanda, advanced curly stylist reviewed below, is moving to a new salon. I've been going to her for 9 years, she gives a great curly cut (see my review under Looks Salon & Spa in Columbia, her new salon: Curly Hair Salons | Looks Salon and Spa).

Reviewed on 10.22.14

Stylist: Gail Jones

Gail did a great job with my hair.  She left Cavallaro recently, but she stayed local and is now at Dakota Salon in Columbia. 

Reviewed on 10.17.14

Stylist: Gail

My entire life I've had naturally curly, frizz-free hair that was wash and go and required no maintence. Then something happened 6-8 months ago and it just went 'blah.' Limp, wavy and totally unresponsive to any product or cut. I was worried that now I was in my 30s my horomones had changed and my curly days were over. I had actually resorted to straightening and ponytails to make it look like I actually put effort into it. I refused to let my curls disappear without a fight. I have no idea how it took me so long to think to look for a curl-specific hairdresser. Amanda was booked for over a month for new clients, and I had seen good reviews for Gail so I booked with her within the week. Like many other reviews stated, Gail took her time, was thorough in her "teaching" and dry cut. I did not leave with drastically different hair; however, my boyfriend said it looked neater and fuller, which is what I wanted. Two days post-cut it definitely looks better. Curlier, bouncier, pretty again. I did purchase the intro set because I loved how the products smelled. I didn't realize that frequently straightening really hurt my natural curls, and that once you get the correct cut and products and switch up your "routine" it can take your hair some time to transform. I foolishly thought the change would be immediate. She also gave me a lovely deep moisturizing mask. I am giving 4/5 because I was told it would be $70 and it ended up being $90. I don't think the additional mask was $20. I also don't know how it will look once my hair has mellowed out. I will go back to Gail!

Reviewed on 06.16.14

Stylist: Amanda

I visited Cavallaro & Co for my very first time. I had the pleasure of seeing curly hair expert, Amanda. I am an ethnic client, with mixed race curly hair (3b). Amanda was amazing. The moment I sat in her chair, she made me feel comfortable. She wasn't in a hurry to immediately get started. Instead, she took the time to talk to me about my concerns, what I was hoping to achieve with this visit and my care techniques. She made sure that I was 100% okay with anything she did. I couldn't be more satisfied with my haircut. Using the DevaChan method, Amanda gave my hair the shape and volume it needed. I would recommend her to any "Curly Sue" out there. I made sure to make my next appointment before walking out the door!!

Reviewed on 12.29.13

Stylist: David

I loved my experience there. David gave me a Deva Curl cut. I felt listened to and understood. He taught me about my hair and the products. He was fun and professional and I loved my hair cut. I will go back again and would recommend David highly. It was the best experience I have had in a salon.

Reviewed on 12.13.12

Stylist: Amanda

Based on the reviews here, I made an appt. to have Amanda cut my hair. I have 3b type hair - it is coarse, thick, ethnic curly hair. (I'm mixed race.) I wish the reviews on specified whether or not a stylist was good with ethnic curly. Amanda was very nice and spent a lot of time with me, but I don't think the Deva cut is the best way to cut my ethnic curls. In the spring I was in Los Angeles and my hair cut at Joseph Martin (on Canon) in Beverly Hills by James. It was the best hair cut I've had since leaving Los Angeles 16 years ago and he cut my hair wet. I was hoping that since Amanda had so many great reviews, I'd come away from my hair cut feeling very satisfied. I wasn't; plus, how is it possible to come away from a hair cut with damaged ends? My ethnic curls don't like gel products, like the Deva gel. I'm hesitant to try Amanda again, and most likely will continue my 16 year search to find a stylist in Maryland who has experience cutting ethnic curls.

Reviewed on 10.22.11

Stylist: Amanda McMahon

I am absolutely in love with my fine textured 3a/3b (Cherub/Botticelli) hair once again. Amanda gave me my first "Curly Girl" haircut yesterday. She listened attentively to my concerns and experience with my hair (expressing my desire for a wash 'n go style); together, we decided on the best approach for styling my hair. Amanda then proceeded to cut my hair (while dry) using the Deva Cut method (snipping curl patterns as opposed to lengths of hair). After the cut, Amanda proceeded to "wash" my hair using Deva Low Poo and applying An-gel as a styling product. After air-drying, I was ready to go - loving my new look. The real test, however, was after washing (no sulfate shampoo) and conditioning (no silicones) my hair the next day; perfecto - wash 'n go - no fussing - just scrunching in a little Deva An-gel and walking out the door. Walking into work, I heard - wow, nice hair - cute hair, etc. If you want a great, no fuss, Curly Girl cut, give Amanda a try; my guess is, you won't regret it. Thanks Amanda.

Reviewed on 07.14.11

Stylist: Amanda McMahon

A trip to get your hair cut by Amanda is way worth the $72. She has cut my hair four times so far, and she has remembered me and my hair each time. After two cuts she was able to tell me how some parts of my curls were heavier or lighter than others, and cut according to that so it would appear even. She does a fantastic job of shaping my curls, and she always knows what she is doing. In addition to skill, Amanda is a people person and will talk to you about anything through your haircut. Although I am only 16, I greatly appreciate my curls and what Amanda has done to them.

Reviewed on 06.16.11

Stylist: Gail Jones

Gail has been styling my hair for the last 15 years. I have naturally curly hair but I have been blowfrying it straight for years. After years of frustration with my hair, Gail finally convinced me to embrace my natural curls. She gave me a Deva Cut. I was asked to come into the salon with my hair dry & in its natural state. I didn't want to leave my house with my hair looking the way it always used to when I was growing up. I always hated my hair!!! I never knew what to do with it and I used to wear a knit cap to sleep just to keep the curls reigned in. I was soooo nervous!! I didn't really believe that my hair could be left to do its own thing and I would still like it! It's so much easier to take care of now. No more blowfrying! No more flat ironing! No more heavy straightening products!! Gail showed me exactly what to do to care for and style my curls so that they looked beautiful and BEST OF ALL...frizz free!!!! Sometimes I still can't believe that the lovely curls on my head are actually the same ones I used to hate! I love my new naturally curly hair cut! If you want to finally have a fantastic hair cut I highly recommend you go see Gail!!

Reviewed on 06.06.11

Stylist: AMANDA M.

I have been going to Amanda for quite a long time now. I have naturally curly hair and wear it like that all the time. So, I definitely needed someone that knows how to work with my curls. Amanda is DEFINITELY the one to go to. She took time to explain to me what she was doing and why. That's the part that most stylists forget to do-the WHY. I was looking for a change when I went in and needed some honest advice on what would look good on me. She gave me her honest opinion, and why, and we gave it a try. I have never been happier. I love it! She listened to my concerns and answered my questions. She really sounds like she knows what she's talking about. In talking to her I found out that she has done extensive training outside of the salon and seems to be up on all the latest techniques. That made me trust her even more. She just genuinely seems to like what she is doing and that means a lot. She actually cares about what she is doing.For a higher end salon, prices were quite reasonable too. I would highly recommend Amanda M. for those of us with curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.09.11

Stylist: Gail

The absolute BEST cut i have ever had in my life!! She is knowledgeable and very experienced. It was a pleasure working with her about my hair, she listened to everything i said about my hair and we worked together. As long as i live in Maryland i will never go to anyone else. i did see Amanda working with someone but Gail is the best in my opinion.

Reviewed on 05.04.11

Stylist: Amanda McMahon

I went to see Amanda for the first time and had a good experience. She listened to my concerns and suggested a whole new look. Since I am adventureous with my hair and it grows out last, I decided to go for it! She answered a lot of questions I had about curl maintenance. The cut was around $70 which is $30 less than what I was spending for a DEVA at a salon not too far from Columbia. When I was done she gave me a free sample of the set is free moisture lock which I am already in love with! She was not pushy with the products which I also appreciated. I would go back and see Amanda again. I'm still trying to decide if I like the shorter hair, but I am happy I tried something different.

Reviewed on 05.01.11

Stylist: Gail

I should have posted this back in October when i went to see her, but having a few minutes I wanted to acknowledge what a great job she did with my hair. I thought I needed to wear my hair straight to make it look good because my hair was soo frizzy from shampooing that it didn't even look curly, but just kinda wavy. Well, after having my daughter, I simply didn't have 30 minutes a day to straighten my hair so I thought i'd give curly a try. I stopped shampooing and went to see Gail. She cut my hair dry, letting me see how she cut it to maximize the curl and get rid of the cocker spaniel look. She wet it, used paper towels to dry it, we put some gel into it, then I sat for about 15 minutes under a dryer so we could see how it would look. Getting out from under that dryer I saw something I had never seen before in my life - beautiful, curly spirals of hair! It was the first time I was sooo happy with a haircut that i could not stop smiling from ear to ear! She gave me instructions on how to recreate it, and guided me on products to use to keep my hair clean, shiny and springy. It's been months already, and I still follow her tips religiously and my hair still looks really good. My friends who haven't seen me for awhile have complimented my curls. It was a pricey cut, but I only have to cut it maybe 2x a year and it is very easy to maintain. I highly recommend Gail.

Reviewed on 01.14.11

Stylist: Amanda

Amanda is the best!

Reviewed on 12.21.10

Stylist: Gail Jones

I found this salon, and Gail, totally by accident, but boy am I glad! Gail did an absolutely incredible job on my 3a-b hair. She REALLY knows what she is doing, and this is hands down the best hair cut I've ever had in my entire life. Surprisingly, she has naturally straight hair herself. However, she took a CurlyGirl course taught by the folks over at the Devachen Salon, to improve her trade. She definitely knows what she's doing. If you want a TRUE CurlyGirl cut, go and see this woman! I'd be curious to try Amanda based on these amazing reviews, however, when I was there, they recommended Gail.

Reviewed on 10.27.10

Stylist: Gail Jones

I am so happy to have finally found Gail Jones! I have type 3a hair and have never been able to find someone to give me a haircut the way I like it. Not only did Gail do a wonderful job cutting my curly locks, but she also taught me how to style and care for my hair type better. I feel like for the first time that my hair looks amazing and my self-esteem has improved because of Gail’s magic hair cutting technique and communication skills. She really listens to me and does what she promises. Please try out Gail Jones. She is amazing and won’t let you down. Tell her the curlyhairgirl sent you

Reviewed on 09.06.10

Stylist: Amanda McMahon

Thanks to Amanda, I love my curls again. Or rather, I love my curls now. My hair has never looked as healthy and styled (and so effortlessly, to boot!) as it does since I've been going to her. She's been my stylist for a few years and I've always left the salon very happy with the results. Before Amanda, I used to think all curly hair cuts were created equal; no matter who I went to or what they did, my hair always looked basically the same: just there and generally "blah". My first appointment with Amanda was the first time I experienced an actual STYLED cut, and it was fabulous. I hadn't known a distinguishable style was possible with my hair without going all '80s (I have very curly, thick, frizzy hair.) It's great, I get compliments all the time. I can wear it wild and crazy if I want, but a major thing for me was being able to make it look professional and polished for work, too. Before that was impossible with putting it up, but feels good being able to wear it down now and still look put-together. I have to admit that while I love style, I don't have at-home-hair-styling skills (or the patience) beyond a shower, throwing in some product, and blow drying (air drying in summer, since it takes no time.) What I really love about the style Amanda gives me is that I don't need to do hardly anything for it to work. And I don't even do everything she does in the salon, which isn't so much anyway. I just do the basic steps which are as simple as it gets. So I'm surprised by the earlier review, because if anything I'd think my cut requires MUCH less fuss than what most women do daily. I, personally, need some product for my curls to be, and stay, smooth and have structure. Not a lot, just gel or conditioner. I touch my hair constantly (BAD nervous habit) and I'm learning to stop, thankfully, because that's one of the big Deva Curl no-no's. And it does make such a difference. Amanda is a curl savant, in 3 years I've never been dissatisfied. (And if I'm not mistaken, her hair is curly, just not ringlet-curly. Being a stylist, I'm sure she wears it straight sometimes.) I really hope Amanda isn't planning to leave Cavallaro anytime soon, because I'm afraid of how far I'd travel to keep going to her. I can't go back to "blah"!

Reviewed on 02.01.10

Stylist: Amanda

Based on all the wonderful reviews I decided to give Amanda a try. Maybe she was having an off day, but it was the worst cut I have every gotten! My hair looked great when I left, but I could never style it the way she did. I told her from the beginning that I am a wash and go girl, but she used multiple products and dried my hair. My mantra is to go to a curly hair girl who wears her hair curly, obviously I should have stuck to that philosophy.

Reviewed on 01.27.10

Stylist: Amanda McMahon

Amanda did a great job on my 3c/4a hair. She helped walk through my care routine and had me read "Curly Girls" while I was under the drier. The cut is really nice, giving me lots more lift and bounce and a nice shape to boot. I definitely recommend her. Price was $70, so it has gone up a bit since some of the earlier reviews.

Reviewed on 12.12.09

Stylist: Amanda

This was my first real curly cut ever, and Amanda was wonderful. She has had extensive training in cutting curls, including the Ouidad method, and the curly cut method taught at the Devachan salon in NY by Naturallycurly's own Lorraine Massey. She had the curly bible right there at her station, and I got to flip through it while I was getting dried. Amanda cut my hair completely dry, and had to cut off a bit more length than I would of liked because my ends were scraggly, which was a bummer. But she was very happy to hear that I am a no-poo and 'cones kind of girl. She walked through my whole hair-care routine with me and gave me some great tips. While she herself doesn't have curly hair, she was inspired by her curly sister and has trained with the best. Now I have a great haircut and will definitely go back--even if Amanda is a little bit pricey.

Reviewed on 01.23.09

Stylist: Amanda M

Amanda was great. She knew exactly how to cut curly hair. She did a dry cut and was able to give me a cut that frames my face well and has a lot of life. She knows what she is doing. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 11.03.08

Stylist: Amanda

I went to see Amanda for the first time in January and agree that she is fabulous! She gave me a really good cut and style. I have fine hair with a flat wave and have been disheartened by going to other "curly" hairstylist. But Amanda gave me a really good cut. I'm a fan.

Reviewed on 06.01.08

Stylist: Amanda

I have always had trouble finding stylists for my curls, so I was thrilled to finally find Amanda in Columbia. My hair has been several different lengths over the past year, and she always does an amazing job! She also has great styling tips, and the salon sells a whole line of products especially for curls.

Reviewed on 11.01.07

Stylist: Amanda

I've been to Amanda several times and she has given me a fabulous cut every single time. She definitely knows what she is doing when it comes to very thick wavy and poofy hair like mine! I always get compliments after seeing her. I look great when I leave, great the next day, and it grows out great. She'll cut wet or dry, whichever you prefer.

Reviewed on 10.17.07

Stylist: AMANDA M.

I am 24 and recently had the best haircut of my life. Amanda was great, I think this is the first haircut with some actual style. She took the time to ask me what I liked and disliked about past haircuts and she was one of the few stylists who understood why I wanted to leave the salon with damp hair (I hate those places that dry your hair so you leave with a fro!). Amanda is great and $60 for wash/cut/style was a bargain. Also, it was really great how I did not feel obligated to leave the salon with a bunch of hair products - she was not pushy at all. I am so excited about this cut!!

Reviewed on 01.18.07

Stylist: AMANDA M.

Amanda McMahon at Cavallaro & Co. gave me the most phenomenal haircut I have ever had! I have been fighting wiht my curly hair since birth and I can finally feel good about it. She is great at cutting and styling and she is very reasonably priced ( $60 for wash, cut and style as of 2/06)!!! She has been to New York to take the Curlisto certification course and is very familiar with the Ouidad cutting technique cut also! See her today... you won't be disappointed!

Reviewed on 03.06.06