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Stylist: Cheryl

I've been Cheryl's client for the past 15 years and am finally getting around to writing a review. I never knew this site existed till now! With the exception of the last review, I agree with all the others. Cheryl loves to cut curly hair. She was an art major before she became a hairstylist and has told me cutting hair is like doing sculpture, but on a head. Cheryl is totally unpretentiousness. She always has a smile on her face. She's been a stylist at Mason and Friends for 28 years and I love her and the salon. 

Reviewed on 11.12.15

Stylist: Cheryl

Because of her rating, i went to Cheryl and was so disappointed. She does not cut curly even though trained in curly cutting. I asked her about it and she said it took too long and she didn't like doing it that way. She cut my hair the same way any regular stylist would and it took my hair almost a week to recover. She said her rate was higher because she wanted to buy a new kayak and by the way she talked, I'd say she's a grown-up mean girl. What was quoted on the phone was not what I had to pay.

Reviewed on 01.28.15

Stylist: Cheryl

Cheryl has been cutting my hair for years intermittently depending on where I'm living at the time. No one else does as well as Cheryl! She cut my hair again a few weeks ago (I've been missing a Cheryl haircut for the past few years), and I get compliments daily, even by other hair stylists. She has curly hair herself and cuts hair for a lot of curly haired people, so I trust her completely - I tell her the length I would like and she does the rest. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 09.07.13

Stylist: Cheryl

I'd been searching for a new person to cut my curly hair. So many stylists either don't know how to cut curly hair, or want to blow dry mine straight. I read the reviews for Cheryl on Naturallycurly, and decided to try her since all the reviews were positive. I felt at ease with Cheryl as soon as I met her and liked that she has curly hair. She's totally unpretentious and really nice. She did a great haircut on me, and I've been back three times so far. I'd definitely recommend her!

Reviewed on 05.18.13

Stylist: Cheryl

I've been trusting my wavy/curly locks to Cheryl for three years and with each visit, my hair looks better and better. Not only does Cheryl know how to work with the variety of curl textures, but she also is a wiz at color and cut. My color is an evolving, ever-changing experiment, by my choice, and Cheryl is patient and honest with me about my suggestions. My cut is long and layered, which optimizes my wavy curls without weighing them down. Cheryl also turned me on to several excellent products to tame the frizz while providing shape to my curls. Cheryl also takes notes for future reference. When I make an appointment with her, I know that I'm in the hands of a capable professional. When I leave her chair, I look and feel like a movie star.

Reviewed on 02.19.13

Stylist: Cheryl

I found Cheryl by searching for curly hair stylists in Howard County and checked her out on the Mason and Friends website. I could tell by her picture and by her testimonial that she could be the perfect hairstylist for me. Cheryl's been doing a great job on my curly hair for the past year. She's very easy to talk to, and very down-to-earth. I'd highly recommend her for your curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.07.11

Stylist: Cheryl

I've been going to Cheryl for 8 years! She was the first person to ever give me a good haircut, and I haven't gone to anyone else since. She does an expert job, and I trust her to always give me a great haircut. A few years ago, I decided to go from long hair to short hair. I had about 8 inches cut off, and I trusted her to work her magic. Honestly, I said "I just want it to be this length, but I trust you with style" and she did an amazing job. I would have a hard time trusting anyone else after such a wonderful experience with Cheryl.

Reviewed on 08.16.10

Stylist: Cheryl

Cheryl is a curly hair girl who wears her hair curly. This is why I decided to give her a try after Jennifer, who is no longer at M&F. I've been using Cheryl for the past year and ADORE her! I constantly get compliments on my hair and trust her to give me a cut that I can just wash and go. I recommend you give her a try if you want someone who understands your curls and will give you a great cut EACH time!

Reviewed on 12.30.08

Stylist: Cheryl

A fellow curly girl, I switched over to Cheryl when my original stylist at M&F changed salons. She is wonderful! She's been through everything we have all been through, she attends many seminars for styling curls, and always has great product recommendations. She frequently discusses products and techniques with her curly haired clients to find what works for them and is an excellent listener. If you're in the Columbia area and looking for a great stylist for your curly hair, Cheryl's the one!

Reviewed on 03.26.08