Juel Salon

320 Liberty Pike, #130
Franklin, TN TN

User Reviews

Stylist: Teresa Gary

Let me start by saying I liked Teresa. She is a good listener, kind and patient and has gorgeous hair! However, I have very fine 2b/c hair and it was raining that day. I was instructed to come w/o any product in my hair. Unfortunately, that meant my looser waves looked like fluffy undefined cotton candy! She even said I could have used a little something to help hold and define the waves. So, that said she didn't have individual curls to cut which is the entire premise of a Deva Cut!! So, I wish she had wet and put something in it to bring out the waves so she could have served me better!! In the end, my cut in those fluffed out areas (the front!!!) were really bad. I waited about a month and could not stand it anymore and trimmed it myself and it played much better. My other complaint is that while she did get nice curl clumps on my ends and curlier underneath parts she didn't pay the same attention to my front/top--straighter areas b/4 sticking me under the hood dryer. I emerged w/ a terrible looking head of hair! She didn't even try to say anything flowery about the way it looked either! All I could manage to say was I liked the big clumps as mine are usually much thinner. Before the cut, I showed her a pic of me on a good hair day and the amount of wave/curl I can get out of it my hair. However, the end result was no where even close! I had hopes that a curly haired curly hair specialist with high reviews would amaze me. My husband even was kind of "bug-eyed" at what I looked like after spending $150 (before tip)! I would still like to try another Deva Stylist in Nashville. If I don't find one that can give me a good cut and hopefully a decent styling, then I will just have to find someone in Los Angeles, since I am there every month!

Reviewed on 01.10.16

Stylist: Teresa Gary

I recently moved back to the Nashville area and experienced the dread that comes with finding a new stylist. I have been using the Curly Girl method since 2008 and have had my share of terrible salon experiences. It was important for me to find someone who possessed a unique combination of skill and confidence in working with naturally curly hair. I found Teresa on the Devacurl website and booked an appointment with her as soon as my hair could no longer be ignored. The wait time for an appointment was about 10 days from when I first made contact with the salon. My last salon appointment was almost a year ago when I went dramatically shorter at the end of a year spent growing out my hair color. I am in my mid-thirties and decided (about 2 years ago now) to let my natural, prematurely gray color grow in. The salon is beautiful and clean, and the staff was very welcoming. Teresa was warm and patient as I gave her a quick overview of my hair care routine. It was amazing to watch her literally sculpt my growing-out curls into a beautiful, voluminous style. Teresa was very supportive of my embracing my natural color and didn't pressure me at all to color it again. She even gave me some really valuable hair care tips that I’d not heard before in my many years of Curly Girl adherence. I am thrilled to wear the cut she gave me as I continue to move through the growing out process to the long style I wore before making the big chop last year. I will absolutely be returning to Teresa’s chair. I plan to bring my curly little ones to her as well as referring all my curly friends to her. 

Reviewed on 05.21.15