Hair by Mark Phillip

Na Švihance 2
120 00 Prague 4

User Reviews

Stylist: Mark Phillip

Mark was excellent. I live in Budapest and got my hair cut at Toni and Guy; worst decision ever. They butchered me, so this time I went to a reviewed salon. I think the other person who reviewed this salon put down the wrong name. There is a Mark Weston salon in Prague, but it is not this one. Mark Phillip (not Mark Weston) is excellent. He tapered my hair, a technique new to me although I have had my hair "thinned" before. He also kept the length almost exactly the same. The one flaw was that I'm not a big fan of Bed Head styling products, which he used to style my hair with. However, when I got home I styled my hair my way and was very pleased. It has nice shape and he took a lot of the bulk out without giving it frizz. If you're ever in Prague go for a haircut! (Forgot to mention, at the end of the wash he massages your scalp!!) And for reference I am a 2C.

Reviewed on 05.06.13

Stylist: Mark Weston

I consider myself to be very lucky finding such a hairdresser as Mark W. He has a passion for hair and great cutting and colouring techniques. I´ve been going to Mark for two years and my curls love him. I always thought that you can´t do anything interesting with long curly hair.I was wrong. After talking about it, I recently got a new, fresh and advanced cut. I can´t be more happy about it. Have a look at his

Reviewed on 05.02.07