Thomas Scott Salon & Spa

101 Baughman's Lane
Frederick, MD 21702

User Reviews

Stylist: Diane

After reading these reviews about Diane, I checked out Thomas Scott Salon. She was friendly and professional and spent a lot of time asking questions and explaining how she wanted to cut my hair before she picked up the scissors. My hair looked fantastic after the cut, and I'm now a repeat customer. Be aware that Diane is a master stylist and expensive ($56) but it is money well spent.

Reviewed on 10.08.13

Stylist: Diane

Diane is great! I was needing a change as my previous stylist in the area kept giving me the same old tired cut. Anyway, I tried Diane after reading the reviews on this site and she gave me an awesome cut! She really knew what to do with my hair and I left the salon not needing to restyle my hair, which happens at other salons. I highly recommend Diane!

Reviewed on 03.24.08

Stylist: Diane

Oh my gosh. I needed to update my curly do and wanted to try a bob. A friend suggested this website and I found Diane. I will always go to see her. She is fab and did a beautiful curly bob on my hair. Thanks Diane.

Reviewed on 07.06.07

Stylist: Liz

Liz gave me a wonderful haircut! Not only was she friendly and easy to talk to, she made my hair look beautiful for when I wear it curly, or when I get my hair blown straight. She did exactly as I asked!

Reviewed on 04.12.07

Stylist: Diane

I highly recommend Diane (went to her after reading about her here - Headlines, Thomas Scott). She's cut my troubled curly hair twice, so far, and they were both good cuts. She also cut my daughter's hair (curly)and we are sticking with her. I can't tell you all the trouble I've had in my life, trying to get good haircuts. I'm glad she isn't very far from us (1/2 hour).

Reviewed on 09.11.06

Stylist: Diane

After reading what was said about Diane, I made an appointment and she gave me the best cut I've ever had. I, too, had spend a year trying different stylists since moving to this area, and just wasn't satisfied. Diane looked at my hair, asked me lots of questions, did the shampoo, and then cut it. Her method was different from any other stylist I have had. I'm hooked. Thank you for this web site.

Reviewed on 01.26.06