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  • 921 A Ellsworth Drive
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    (301) 588-8858
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User Reviews (5)

Stylist: Ian

Just so people know, Ian is now in Bethesda, at The Shop Salon -

Stylist: Ian

It was my first time with Ian, I really liked him, he was very friendly and I think he truly knows how to do curly hair. Absolutely I will come back!!! Karoline

Stylist: Ian

Ian will tell you that he loves working with curly hair and gave me the first truly excellent haircut of my life when I lived in Silver Spring. He was the one who told me about this site after I luckily stumbled upon him one day when my regular stylist was out. He knows how to cut curly hair and loves encouraging women to embrace their curls! Before going to him I was suffering from shelf layers hair syndrome - stylists who cut my layers so they looked more like stair steps or shelves - not natural!! I wonder if the previous reviewer has curly hair - if so, this was the reason Ian didn't dry it - it would have ruined the curl! He does tend to be efficient but does not mind taking extra time in the least bit to discuss concerns, ideas and share lives. The salon is very upscale and trendy - the owner also has another salon in DC. There's even a Mac in the waiting area so you can check your email or surf the net! I highly recommend Ian to any curly haired girl and am grateful he showed me this site so that when I moved I wasn't lost without him!

REVIEWED BY: BA  |  8.1.08


I've been going to Kibana for about two years now and am never going back. The second to last haircut I received was just terrible. I had to wait 35 minutes past my appointment time, and when it was time to cut my hair...the guy wasted no time. It took him about 20 mins and he didn't even dry it. He claimed he wanted me to try this new Bumble & Bumble product for curly hair and he didn't want to dry my hair because he wanted me to get the "full effect".

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  12.16.07

Stylist: Ian

With two kids and a full-time job you can imagine, I have about zero time to spend on my hair. IAN TO THE RESCUE! He gave me the haircut I've been looking for! It takes me less than two minutes to style, and walk out the door. I certainly recommend him to any and everyone. P.S. The salon is amazing inside, fresh out of Beverly Hills or NYC.

REVIEWED BY: Guest  |  3.27.07