Bubbles at Towson Town Center

825 Dulaney Valley Rd # 402
Towson, MD 21204

User Reviews

Stylist: Aimee

Sorry, but she doesn't know how to cut curly hair! First thing she did was shampoo my hair with regular shampoo for dry hair then deep conditioned it with a cone conditioner. She cut it wet. It was terrible. i would have done better going to Haircuttery and not spent nearly as much money!

Reviewed on 07.26.11

Stylist: Debbe Salvino

I have been going to Bubbles since I was in college at Towson University. I am now almost 28. I have repeatedly gone to Debbe. She knows how to do everyone’s hair! I have seen her do my boyfriend who is white and has very normal blonde hair and she has done my hair which is extremely curly due to my black mother and white father. She can do all hair types and both men and women. She has done wonders on my hair whether it’s just a trim or dying it or straightening it. Not only is she amazing at what she does she is a wonderful person and I love seeing her every time! She is an extremely skilled hairdresser and a beautiful person.

Reviewed on 08.03.10

Stylist: Aimee

I LOVE Aimee!! She takes so much care with my fine tresses. I walk out feeling adorable every time I see her. I can't believe it took me so long to find her.

Reviewed on 09.17.09

Stylist: Aimee

Aimee gives a great cut for curly hair, long or short! She also does a great blow-out that lasts three days.

Reviewed on 02.13.07