Unruly Studio

253 Portobello Road
London, W11 1LR

User Reviews

Stylist: Claudio

I just wanted to mention that this salon has closed. I had Claudio cut my 3C/4A hair about 2 years ago, I would recommend finding him if he's still in London.

Reviewed on 12.03.11

Stylist: Michael

This guy is great at marketing but lousy at cutting curly hair. I also did a lot of research to find a good hairstylist in London and his name kept coming up. I was so disappointed I cried. Lots of smoke and mirrors with washing, blow drying, hanging my head upside down, then washing again, then going in as if he were trimming a hedge cutting off individual curls. What a mess. Any other recommendations for good salons?

Reviewed on 06.20.10

Stylist: Michael

I've never written a web review but was moved to do so b/c this was one of the worst haircuts I'd ever had. Having spent time in NYC and enjoyed Ouidad haircuts, I did a lot of web research into a good London salon for curly hair. Unruly Studio came up several times and nothing else did. I ended up with a wonky hair cut that I couldn't wear down for months... till I went back to NYC and went to Ouidad. Am due another cut now, does anyone have any better recommendations than Unruly so that I don't have to (a) have another bad haircut, (b) fly to NYC to go to Ouidad or (c) wear my hair tied back indefinitely?

Reviewed on 01.12.10

Stylist: Claudio

This place is amazing. I actually found someone to listen to what I wanted and not try and flog me all their products. My hair has never looked so good. I sadly moved to the US (why??!)but whenever I go back to London and try and time it around a haircut. A real gem.

Reviewed on 02.28.09

Stylist: Pawel

I've been searching for ages for a salon that knows how to deal with curly hair apart from pure afro salons. I was looking for a funky place to give me a cut that actually compliments my big curly hair not the cut i usually get that would probably look amazing on dead straight hair but not my unruly hair. Let me say one thing; Pawel is amazing. I was booked for a half head of highlights and a cut - I only told him I wanted a more rounded cut with some brown added. He was really fast with the highlights, getting my hair washed was a beautiful experience ; loved the head massage and not forgetting the seats that give your body a good massage ; on the verge of being orgasmic. Watching him cut my hair scared me especially when I saw some massive chunks being cut but the layers are everything I wantes. The colour is so complimentary and perfect and the cut has given my hair so much life, shape and bounce. I'm so glad I found unruly both me and my best friend have found our new salon for life!!! God Bless Unruly!!!

Reviewed on 11.25.07

Stylist: Mike

After reading the reviews on here and reading the Unruly's blog, I decided this might finally be the one salon that would be able to do "something" with my hair. My curls were always treated like they were straight hair and thus the cuts I've had in the past were never something I could get excited about. Cue Mike at Unruly. Needless to say my expectation was very high after the good reviews here and he did not disappoint me. The studio is one big room, well lit, nice design and layout. I was the only one there for the time I'd booked (during the day) and Mike was out immediately and sat me in the chair. He first asked what I wanted done and I pretty much told him I'd leave it up to him, I just wanted to keep the hair long. Over the next hour (I have a LOT of hair) my hair was washed while I reclined in one of their fabulous shiatsu chairs that massaged my back, my scalp was massaged and eventually my hair was cut. Layers were what I needed, Mike said and layers I got. After wetting my hair again so it was dripping wet, Mike worked some product in called "Curls Rock" and then dried most of my locks over a diffuser. Looking in the mirror, the result was incredible. There was a nice shape to the cut in the back and the curls looked amazing. I walked out of there shaking my head every now and then just to get the feel of my curls bouncing about :-) Finally a cut I love and can maintain without too much trouble! Thanks Unruly and Mike, you rock!

Reviewed on 11.02.07


I have been to the unruly studio a few months ago, after haviind read all the good reviews. I was very disappointed when the stylist was finished. My curls were brushed, like a very bad hair day, I had no style at all.. I will not recommend this salon for curly hairs, so it will be much appreciated if you do not recommend it.

Reviewed on 10.23.07

Stylist: Michael

After years of suffering all manner of atrocities at the hands of stylists that didn't know what to do with my curly hair, it was with trepidation that I booked an appointment, at my husband's insistence, at Unruly. To illustrate my extreme aversion to having my hair cut, I had not had so much as a sharp word against my hair for three years. THREE YEARS. ...and for those of you gasping in dismay at the thought of the state of my hair after three years of neglect, even if it was a disaster with the texture and suppleness of sun-dried straw neither the stylist, Michael, nor the apprentice (I'm very sorry, but I didn't catch his name, such was my heightened state of anxiety when I was first eased into the chair) who washed my hair brought me up short for my transgression. Everyone was very calm, kind and patient - there was no stress on the menu. The studio itself was bright, modern and airy, and the atmosphere was comfortable and relaxed. My cut and style, you ask? Let me put it this way. Until my appointment at Unruly, I had NEVER left a salon without first hiding what remained of my curls (usually a drift of frizz, if I'm honest) under a scarf or hat. I'm ashamed to admit that I brought a scarf with me to the Studio, but I'm ecstatic to proclaim that I didn't need to use it! My hair has never looked better, and I walked out of the salon a changed woman. Michael and company, thank you ever so much. You've got another faithful follower to add to your ranks. To my curlyheaded brothers and sisters out there, rest assured that you're in safe hands at Unruly.

Reviewed on 09.05.07

Stylist: Michael

Had to back up what someone has already said about Michael at Unruly Studio. Went to him out of the blue because of what I had read on the net about his talent with curls, and after such a good experience I had to repay the karma that took me there. He listens, cuts hair brilliantly, the prices are affordable (a foreign concept in London) and he's not right up his own *** as talented people sometimes are. I was very impressed.

Reviewed on 05.29.07

Stylist: Michael

I found Michael the owner of Unruly through a friend who also has really curly hair, He had (Now bald) really curly hair and has a huge following of curly haired clients. The salon is cool, very spacious (Not the norm in Notting Hill) and the team are friendly. Michael has a whole lecture on how to manage curls and get them to form perfectly every time you wash it. He is so emphatic about curly hair that he writes about it on his blog. He has a few quirky idea’s like not using a towel (EVER!) but it all makes sense and seems to work every time. Since having that lecture and a haircut from Michael, my hair has looked better every day! Thanks!!

Reviewed on 12.29.06