Jonathan Douglas Day Spa

345 Fore Street
Portland, ME

User Reviews

Stylist: James

I took the advice from this website and tried to make a reservation with Julie but she no longer works here. James told me he was a curly expert and so I went to get my hair cut with him. I instantly felt comfortable with him. He explained to me so much about my curls and how I have about 5 different types so it may be more difficult to find products but suggested Redken. I instantly felt the difference in my hair. It feels clean and feels how hair should feel without product all the time. He was amazing and told me about all of the things I should be doing with my hair (I was told previously wrong by another curly hair expert in providence) but bought all of the products that he used on me because I loved the result. Their salon has moved locations from this one to Scarborough right near the entrance to the high school and town hall. I will be going back to James every six months for a cut and color.

Reviewed on 02.20.10