Futuro Haridressing

13 Bene't Street
Cambridge, C3

User Reviews

Stylist: Al

I had a very similar experience to one of the other reviewers. Al is a charming, and very amusing stylist, but my cut was not that impressive...and the styling was awful. After washing/conditioning, he combed my hair out, and spent about 10 minutes cutting. I completely agree about the rather 'random' approach to cutting... My real grip was with the styling. Now, I'm used to stylists throwing on a whole palmful of cones, but this was just silly. My hair was half-dry, and he added a cream of sorts...twisted randomly...and then diffused it. I was congratulated on my new volume, but it was, as you can imagine, 99% frizz. So yeah, dry, frizzy, and horribly sticky hair. Washed it out as soon as I got home, and the cut wasn't too bad. Did find some random long bits though, which makes me wonder about the success of the 'grab and cut' method. Don't get me wrong, I like Al, but his handling of my curls was not great, and his styling broke every rule in the curly book. I don't like having to leave a salon, knowing I need to wash my hair as soon as I get home, just to make it presentable.

Reviewed on 04.20.09

Stylist: Al

I went to Futuro (now called Al Couture) specifically because of the positive review here, but I was very sorely disappointed. I walked in with waves and curls and walked out with almost-straight hair! Al's hair-cutting technique was very strange. He picked up pieces of hair, twirled them round into a rope and then dragged (can't think of a better word) the scissors down the length to cut layers. It actually reminded me a lot of razor-cutting techniques. Unfortunately he kept twisting the hair in the opposite direction from the curl, and so effectively straightened it! Granted, I didn't go in there with a great haircut, and I am (now) happy with the cut he gave me. The atmosphere, conversation and coffee were great, but this doesn't make up for a hairdresser who is willing to misinform a customer to get a commission.

Reviewed on 01.13.09

Stylist: Al

Futuro's is an oasis in Cambridge's unfriendly and inpersonal city-centre salons. The main stylist and owner is Al Dente (yes, that really is his name) and his love is textured hair = curly hair! Going there is a real experience and you have to set aside most of the day as he takes his time to get things right. You are supplied with endless cups of coffee and get all the local gossip. They use Bumble & Bumble and Phyto hair products. The colourist also is experienced in how to apply colous to make the most of your curls. If you live in or near Cambridge and have been trying to find the perfect hair experience, you must go - especially if you are Italian, though that isn't compulsory!!

Reviewed on 07.19.06