262 9 Mile Rd
Ferndale, MI 48220

User Reviews

Stylist: General Review

Chad is the only one to go to at this establishment. I have not had my hair cut by Billy, but have heard negative things for the curly haired. Chad did a pretty find job. DO NOT GO TO HEATHER!!!!! Nice lady, but she completely ruined my hair until it grows out again. She cut 5 inches off, cut out any and all layers, did something funky with the ends so they fly everywhere, blew it dry without even a diffusor. Man, I could go on and on. Chad was like, "wow, that looks great...." but he is the only one who really does a quality job. This is the place for straight hairs. I've seen great straight hair come out... no curlies.

Reviewed on 05.29.08

Stylist: Billy or Chad

I have thick, fine spirals, and I went to Billy because of the reviews on this site. What I got was the WORST cut possible for curly hair. I should have left when he snuck a regular male client in front of me, but I was excited by the raves here, so I stayed. I explained Ouidad's slicing, and he claimed to do something similar. But his version is traditional texturizing with additional irregular chunks thinned out throughout the hair. He also had no smoothing products for curly hair, towel dried my hair, and use mousse and a comb to style my hair. My hair was so wispy at the bottom that I had to cut 2 inches off -- which is alot more once my hair dries. Its going to take me months to grow it back. Worst of all, when I explained what he had done wrong, he and his partner, Chad, kept telling me that my hair looked great and that I would love it in a few days. He couldn't understand why thinning my hair to create movement had ruined the curl pattern, texture and shine of my hair. This salon has a fun vibe, but NO ONE there knows anything about curly hair. They didn't even have a decent diffuser. DO NOT GO TO DYE!

Reviewed on 06.17.07

Stylist: Chad

I wholeheartedly reccommend Chad Hetzel for anyone with curly hair!! or straight hair for that matter. He's been cutting my hair for years, and I have always gone back to him no matter where I was living. When I had to get it cut somewhere else because of distance, and went to him later, he knew exactly what the person had done wrong. Chad knows how to cut curly hair to minimize frizz and give it a good shape. It always grows out so well, I dont get my hair cut more than once every 6 months or so. Great with color as well. Dye is an alternative type salon, so its very casual, but I love it. Chad just recently moved to it.

Reviewed on 03.27.07