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Stylist: Melanie

Melanie has opened her own salon called Spiral Salon at:8515 Lansing AveJackson,Mi 49201517-648-7692Here's her online booking until website done:https://squareup.com/appointments/book/CEZFZMVR0S4F2/spiral-salon

Reviewed on 12.29.16

Stylist: Melanie

I've been to Mirabella to see Melanie a couple of times and I'm so glad that I found her. She is so nice and easy to talk to, and really listened to me when I tried to tell her what I wanted. I have really thick, 2B/C hair and Melanie has done a fantastic job and has really helped me get it in shape. I love that she uses Deva products and sells them at a discount to her clients, but she's also interested in other things I've tried. The last couple of hairdressers I went to (all Aveda salons for whatever reason) were nice and did an ok job most of the time, but had no idea how to style it so I would just pay for a cut and leave with wet hair. Melanie knows what she's doing and always does a great job explaining it to me, so I can attempt to recreate it on my own.

Reviewed on 08.11.15

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I've been going to Melanie for years. I've always kept my hair fairly long, too afraid of short hair disaster ~:O. I finally decided, in her chair :) it's time. Told Melanie, go ahead cut it. It is unbelievable! My hair is full, curly and feels & looks so much healthier. The compliments were overwhelming, people were saying I also look younger(I'm 57). Would never had let any other stylist do this. I completely trust her and so glad I did it!!

Reviewed on 07.31.15

Stylist: Melanie

Melanie gave me a great cut with some layers that added body to the top of my very long hair while keeping the length. She showed me how to style it too and I couldn't be happier with the result! I've never had a real hair cut before, just trims straight across the bottom, so I was nervous but Melanie put me at ease and did a fantastic job. Will definitely go back.

Reviewed on 05.16.15

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

She just gets better and better!! jlexi63, I hope you made an appointment with Melanie even though there's a wait, it's worth it!!

Reviewed on 03.26.15

Stylist: Taylor

I was looking for a new salon and saw all of the reviews so I thought I'd give it a try so, I came in for a style and a trim for school pictures. I was going to request Melanie but she was all booked up (four weeks in advance)! Taylor seemed a bit knowledgeable about curly hair, and she told me layering my hair would be best, and of course I had heard that it wasn't good for curly hair before but I went with it. I like the shape  and ends, but when it came to styling, she did VERY badly. She was spiraling my curls and I have very thick hair so 1/4 way through it dried out. The night before going in i even dc'ed so it would be easier for her but I left with a huge blown out looking fro hair.

Reviewed on 08.31.14


This is for Melanie Frizzle and Ashley Ludd.Melanie gave me the best haircut I have ever had. It was a deva cut and I left looking fab. I came in very indecisive and basically told her to chop away and it couldnt have gone better. Ashley did pretty well, awesome actually. My only complaint for her is I made very clear I didn't want much lenght off and she took about four inches off. My hair was already pretty short to begin with so this is a bit traumatic....but she gave me a much better shape that fell nicely which is what I asked for. The salon is very friendly, very clean and reasnobaly priced.

Reviewed on 08.23.14

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

Melanie was wonderful - as all the reviewers said! She listened with respect when I explained I didn't have time to keep up with dramatic root touch-ups but advised against dying it all platinum due curly hairs innate dryness. We worked out a compromise and my friends didn't even notice that I still had some roots - all they could talk about was how curly and bouncy my hair was!! I always take a ball cap in case I have to stop somewhere on the way home from a haircut - this time I went out afterward to show off my hair ... Minus the hat!!! Thanks Melanie and the great staff at Mirabella!!

Reviewed on 06.23.14

Stylist: Melanie Crockett

Always a fun, successful experience. It seems effortless for her to make your hair look good!

Reviewed on 03.15.14

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

This woman saved my life.i m an Indian woman with 3 b curly hair .thru out my life I never knew what to do with my hair.i have gone to salons in Dubai India and South Africa because most of my life was in these countries.all the stylists have only suggested that I straighten my hair.all my friends have suggested that I permanently straighten my hair because my hair was always looking limp bushy and frizzy .i used to envy my friends with glamorous straight hair and had a lack of self confidence due to this.finally I decided I will straighten my hair permanently even if half falls out and it's bad that's when I stumbled upon this website for curly hair and saw good reviews for mirabella salon ESl for Melanie so I decided to give it a last try otherwise it was bye bye curly hair.mrabella salon was pleasant and the guys at the front were pretty welcoming and warm.melanie was pregnant that time I saw her and she understood my predicament immediately.she decided to use devacurl on my hair and after she was done the results were amazing.she taught me so much not to comb my hair how to keep my locks looking great etc and most importantly she taught me to embrace my curls.i was free at last.now my friends r just going crazy over my well defined frizz free curls and now I m the one with the most glamorous hair among them all.i have had so many people that I don't even know telling me about my hair now.she s an amazing hair stylist and devacurl products r really really awesome

Reviewed on 06.13.13

Stylist: Melanie

I am a resident of Lansing, Michigan who has spent literal years searching for someone like Melanie. Unfortunately, I didn't try her a few years ago when I first discovered her reviews on naturallycurly.com! As someone who has always received wet cuts, I was a little afraid to have a dry cut. I finally got my first haircut by Melanie last week. This girl knows her curls! She did a fabulous job! I am a mature curly (47 years old) who is half-way transitioned from dyed to gray hair. I was afraid that Melanie would try to talk me back into color. She seemed very supportive of my goals for my hair and wasn't put off by my gray at all. As another reviewer mentioned, Melanie took her time to explain each product she used in my hair from shampoo (no-poo) to final styling product. She is easy to talk to, very friendly...an all-around genuinely nice person. I have already booked my next appointment with her. I have 3 A/B curl pattern of medium texture and medium density. I am not sure of my elasticity or porosity (although my hair seems porous to me). I highly recommend Melanie to anyone with any type of naturally curly hair.

Reviewed on 05.21.13

Stylist: Melanie

I'm BRAND spanking new to this whole curly hair thing, and decided that I wanted to find a stylist to encourage my curls. I live 80 miles from this salon, but Melanie got such high reviews here that I decided it could be worth the drive to see her. I feel like I'm having an affair - stepping out with someone other than the stylist I've gone to (and adore) for 15 years......... But Melanie is worth a whole lot of inconvience if you're a curly girl in West/Mid Michigan. I honestly doubted that she could be as good as her reviews here, but she is. Not only does she "get" being curly, she provides DevaCurl products at a HUGE discount to her clients. That discount alone made it worth my trip. Melanie is fabulous: VERY knowledgable, very personable, very encouraging, and she gave me the best haircut I've ever had. Granted, it's the first haircut I've ever had that encourages my curls, but I'm loving it. The true test was styling it myself after the cut, and it passed that test easily. I'm a HUGE fan of Melanie, and a very happy new client.

Reviewed on 04.01.13

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

Melanie did a great job. My hair was so heavy and unhealthy becase I decided to grow it fearing cutting my hair (I always had bad experiences). She was so confident and she gave me the best layers ever my hair looks great and she kept my length :) She really understands curly hair and I would recommend her to all my curly friends for sure.

Reviewed on 03.19.13

Stylist: Melanie

I went to Melanie today.i m Asian with horrible curls which every stylist in the whole of Lansing or anywhere nearby was scared to work on.when I went to see melanie she was so friendly with beautiful curls herself .she used devacurl on my hair.it was amazing and I am so proud of my hair now.she told me every step she did and how to take care of my curly hair.she taught me that my curly head is a blessing not a curse like I thought it was .she didn't do much cutting because she told me that type 3b hair wasn't the type to cut a lot.she instead taught me how to care for my curls so they look great and straight out of a salon everyday.she did not reduce the length of my hair but just trimmed off my split ends not like other hairdressers do .others just trim off the ends and say they r cutting split ends.she did it the right way.she didn't even force me to buy devacurl products but I wanted them so much that I decided to buy them.she is really nice .my husband loved my curls when I came home and he s usually a hard one to please.the receptionist and people at the front were nice too they asked if I need a drink while I waited.altoghter a hugely positive experience.i usually write a lot of negative reviews about places and businesses but this one is the highest review I have ever given anyone in my life.

Reviewed on 11.15.12

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I was the first person to post a review of Melanie back in 2008. Due to these tough economic times I quit paying to have my hair cut. I couldn't stand it any more and used some birthday $ to go see Melanie again. Worth every penny!! :) She's gotten even better, she is the curly expert! I'm having fun wearing my hair down again, instead of just pulling it into a pony tail! She's the best! You won't regret going to her!:) Janice

Reviewed on 08.26.12

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

Really nice and very friendly! Asks the client what they want, but at the same time gives great advice or a direction to go in. Uses the curly girl method and very knowledgeable on the topic. Overall best curly stylist I have been to, and will certainly continue to go to her. She is definitely worth a shot!!!

Reviewed on 03.31.12

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I just have to say................................ I love my curly hair! I have had the same old hair for years (long) with no life. Melanie gave me a new short curlybob and wow what a nice new look !!!! I have been recommend her to evey one. If you are lost with that same old style give her a call. I drive one hour one way just to see her. I live in Marshall, It's well worth the drive.

Reviewed on 03.02.12

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I just wanted to take a moment to update my old review from 2008 and say that I am still going to Melanie and still THRILLED with her! She is fantastic! If you have curly hair and have been looking for someone to help you keep them looking their best, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Melanie!

Reviewed on 12.08.11

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I am still going to Melanie after two and a half years and moving to Kalamazoo; she's worth the drive. She has cut my hair to different lengths and styles over the years and this summer, I went short for the first time in decades. I love the fact that no matter how she's cut or styled it, I LOVE MY HAIR. There is never the I'll-like-it-when-it-grows-out-a-bit feeling I used to have. As long as she keeps cutting hair, she will be my stylist.

Reviewed on 08.03.11

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

I waited until my second cut with Melanie before submitting this rating. I thought perhaps my first great cut was just a fluke. Let's see if she can do it two times in a row----and the answer was YES she can! At the end of a long day of doing updos for young ladies going to the prom that night, Melanie not only gave me a great cut, she makes you feel like the most important client of the day. She is just a doll and radiates energy, enthusiasm, and passion about her work and life in general. I have and will recommend her to anyone with or without curly hair!

Reviewed on 05.22.11

Stylist: Melanie Crockett

Melanie is great at what she does! She relates so well to her clients because she has curly hair as well, so she knows what we do and don't want. She gives great advice that you can start applying immediately. Best part? The advice actually works :) She has clients of varying hair types. I'm a transitioning 3c and she cut (dry) , washed and styled my hair dry with no problem. The finished product looks awesome, and I've gotten lots of compliments from friends. You know how other stylists act like they're holding some deep dark secret? Yeah, not her, she talks you through the whole process and answered any questions I had. I'll definitely be going back.

Reviewed on 05.15.11

Stylist: Melanie Crockett Frizzle

She listens to every idea you have, and sculpts your hair to the exact idea you had. She has a great personality and even though I don't get my hair cut often she always remembers me.

Reviewed on 01.14.11

Stylist: Melanie

Wow..Wow I can't believe after 7 years of bad hair cuts in three different States I finally found someone who understands my hair. I'm Asian but my hair are not poker straight, matter of fact it's curly and coarse. Most stylist assume it's a perm. This is the first time in a long time someone took the time to ask me questions about what outcome am I expecting. I told her to please fix the last hair cut I recieved (5 days of crying)4 months ago. She not only fixed it she got me to love my her again. My husband was all smiles when he saw the happy tears and beautiful curls.Thank you

Reviewed on 01.11.11

Stylist: Melanie

I've never been to a curly hair specialist before and I will not go back after going to Melanie! It's so nice to finally have someone fixing my hair who not only knows what they are doing but can give me some tips on new hair dos, color, and cuts. Before I found Melanie, other stylists would take approximately 5 hours to highlight my hair and it usually ended in tears because they would brush out my hair! I was soo surprised that Melanie could do it in about 2 and a half hours and tear free! Not only is she great with hair, she is very friendly and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone (and both of my sisters--who also have curly hair-- have already gone to hear and feel the same way).

Reviewed on 12.30.10

Stylist: Melanie

I recently had my hair cut and colored by Melanie and she was FABULOUS! So sweet and helpful. I would recommend her to anyone with curly hair. She cut it dry, gave me all the tips and tricks, and brightened up my entire look!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Reviewed on 04.20.10

Stylist: Anonymous

I had a pretty bad experience with a haircut here. Without saying too much, don't get your bangs trimmed here and if they ask you if you want to "thicken" them up, SAY NO! After a year, I am just now liking my hair again. I'm going to continue to drive to Royal Oak for my $55.00 haircuts!!

Reviewed on 04.08.10

Stylist: Melanie

I would recommend this salon and Melanie. I moved from Tennessee to Michigan. I was worried I would not find a stylist that would take the time with me, but I found her.

Reviewed on 03.05.10

Stylist: Melanie

I would definitely recommend Melanie to anyone with curly hair! I am in Lansing for school, and found her name on this website. I especially love that the haircut is so good that even when I style it myself, I love how it turns out! I also agree with the last review, regarding how she goes through every step and tells you exactly what she's doing. As long as I live in Michigan, I'll keep going back!

Reviewed on 02.15.10

Stylist: Melanie

This review is long overdue! My hair is extremely frizzy, curly, and rebellious. I wore my hair in a pony tail every day because no matter what I did my hair would not behave. I read the reviews here and decided to see Melanie in October of 2009. It was a definite bonus that she is so close to Michigan State campus, the bus practically takes me right there.It is the Best thing I have ever done! She explained what she was doing every step of the way. Afterward, I felt like I had lost about 5 pounds of hair. My curls were frizz-free, bouncy, and healthy looking. I have been seeing Melanie ever since and will be making road trips back to East Lansing to see her every summer. Good bye pony tails!!

Reviewed on 02.12.10

Stylist: Melanie

Earlier this year I went to a salon near my home that I THOUGHT knew how to cut curly hair. Boy was I wrong! (I should have known when I found out there was NO diffuser in the whole salon.) After that fiasco, I vowed that even though it is an almost two hour drive to Lansing, I was going to try Melanie at Mirabella. Her suggestions gave me confidence to trust her and I am so glad I did. I love the cut and color she gave me. Thanks Melanie!

Reviewed on 05.28.09

Stylist: Melanie

I recently moved to East Lansing from NYC. Since I use to go to Devachan in NYC, I thought it was going to be hard finding a curly hair stylist here. Thank gosh for this website. After reading the reviews below, I booked an appt with Melanie. She gave me a beautiful cut and color! My curls look great. She's also a really nice stylist and fun to talk to. Definately mention to her that you heard about her through this website, she loves to hear it.

Reviewed on 04.02.09

Stylist: Melanie

For the first time, I walked out of a salon and was in love with my hair. I hate trying new stylists, but Melanie put my fears to rest and she had great advice. My husband actually commented on how nice my hair looked(a first). She is definitely my new hair stylist, even if it is about an hour drive.

Reviewed on 03.04.09

Stylist: Melanie

After reading the recommendations here, I scheduled an appointment with Melanie -- and have completely agree with what everyone else has already said! She is extremely knowledgeable, has curly hair herself, and was very kind in answering many questions. I'll definitely be returning.

Reviewed on 11.09.08

Stylist: Melanie

I made an appointment with Melanie after reading the reviews here, and was not disappointed! She did cut my hair dry, which was something I had been wanting to try. And not only did I leave with a great cut, I also learned a great deal about how to care for and style my curls. And on top of all that, Melanie is super nice and has great curls herself!

Reviewed on 10.14.08

Stylist: Melanie

I finally love my hair! Melanie cut my hair dry which was so interesting to watch. She gave me a lot of tips on how to even shampoo correctly! I will definately be coming back!

Reviewed on 09.27.08

Stylist: Melanie Crockett

I decided to try Melanie after reading the review and absolutely loved my hair! She knew how to color my hair to inhance my curls! I highly recommend Melanie!

Reviewed on 03.11.08

Stylist: Melanie Crockett

I have been driving over an hour to have my hair cut! Then I met Melanie who's less than 2 miles away. After talking with her I said "Go ahead and cut it". She cut it dry which is my preference and it is one of the best I've had! She also has curly hair so she understands what we go through. I'd highly recommend her! Feel free to contact me. Janice: [email protected]

Reviewed on 03.05.08

Stylist: Melanie Crockett

I've been driving an hour to have my hair cut by someone I feel knows and understands cutting curly hair. Then I met Melanie and went in for a consultation and decided to let her cut it that day. She cut it dry, which I prefer, and I think it may be the best cut I've had. The curls lay perfectly. She has curly hair, so she's knows what it's all about. Now I only have to drive 5 minutes!! I follow the 'Curly Girl' regimen and she was interested in hearing about and is going to get the book. I'd highly recommend Melanie! Feel free to contact me. Janice

Reviewed on 01.04.08