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Stylist: Rhonda

Rhonda had been trimming my long hair (I refused to take much off) for a few years but since discovering "CG" and having 2 kids that are under the age of 3, I decided it was time to give into the hair and save myself some time (hair always took three hours to dry by air alone!!). I called Rhonda before coming in to talk to her about this "CG" stuff. Although she wasn't familiar with the book, she was familiar with the sulfates, -cones, etc. and told me they actually have a "poo"/cleanser that is free of that stuff (and that was a good sign for me!). She seemed knowledgeable on the whole ingrediants thing and since her own hair is natural, as well, I bit the bullet and decided to take it off (the length). Rhonda talked to me for like 15 minutes about this stuff again and showed me the stuff she would be using. And she even was willing to wash my hair with a conditioner!! YEAH!!! She did cut it wet, though....but I didn't ask her to cut it dry. She took of 10 inches (I had three wads to give to Locks of Love) and totally did everything the book said (about the gel, etc....she always had done that in the past). She clipped my hair up on the top for height (I get flat-head easily) and sat me under one of those dryers (not a BLOW dryer, but like there was time for my hair to dry on its own that was ok with me). I LOVE MY HAIR!!! OMG! I never thought this was possible. It is a tad on the fuzzy side (just got it cut today), but I TOTALLY attribute that to her touching it to cut it...and I haven't rinsed it since. I know when I let it air dry, OMG...this will be amazing. GO TO RHONDA! She is aware of this CG stuff....knows about her products/ingrediants...and is totally open to doing things you ask her for! AND..she is a super-duper cool, outgoing/fun chick!! I LOVE MY HAIR.

Reviewed on 03.21.07