Carnival Cuts

Twelve Oaks Mall
27500 Novi Road
Novi, MI 48377

User Reviews

Stylist: Pran

I tried to make an appointment with Pran since I live close to Novi. I have been called 3 times by the salon in 2 days since making my appointment. Pran does not want to cut my hair and is apparently upset that he is mentioned on this website. He must not like doing curly cuts. He does not do color, so the salon keeps trying to get me to use one stylest for color and cut. I have asked for Pran to cut my hair (dry cut) and then have another stylest do the color. First the salon said it would cost more to use 2 stylists instead of 1, so didn't I just want to use the colorist for a cut? When I said no to 2 calls like this the color stylest herself called me to try to get me to let her cut my hair. She sighed when I explained that Pran had been recommended and told me he doesn't want to be on this site. He's upset that all these women with long curly hair keep coming to him for cuts. The color stylist told me she can cut curly hair well, but she wants to color first then do a wet cut or a cut after drying it with a diffuser (I dry naturally, so there is no way it will dry the same). Needless to say, I have to try somewhere else for a cut and color.

Reviewed on 01.26.06