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306 West 6th Street
Royal Oak, MI 48067

User Reviews

Stylist: Jennifer R

My curly hair finally has a defined shape to it. Jennifer cut it based on my hair type and needs. She showed me how to use product and how to dry. I’m very pleased with my result.

Reviewed on 08.01.18

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

Jennifer R. is great. Best curly haircut I've ever had! She spent a lot of time consulting and explaining her process. She really understands curly hair. She cut my hair wet, styled it, and looked for anything to dry cut. I can't wait to see her again in 2 months after my hair has grown more.

Reviewed on 04.01.16

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

I made an appointment with Jennifer based on the reviews I read here on naturally curly. Usually when I needed to cut my hair, I would have an incredibly hard time finding a place to go, and I would end up straightening my hair and have them cut it dry. This time I wanted a curly bob and was looking for a hair professional that understood my hair type. Jennifer was amazing. When I first arrived at the salon I saw her finishing up with a girl who had 3c curly hair and her hair looked phenomenal which made me relax about my hair appointment. She listened to what I wanted, went over exactly what she would do with my hair, and then proceeded to do it effortlessly. I have incredibly curly, unbelievably thick hair but she layered the cut and by 3b curls look amazing. I would totally recommend her and I will definitely be going back! 

Reviewed on 03.06.15

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

I went to Jennifer for a cut & color based on the strength of these reviews.  I'm always nervous when I see a new stylist and I've been bouncing around for a while trying to find somebody.  I was so pleased with my experience here, that I think I've finally found my regular stylist.  Jennifer had a long and thorough consultation with me and really talked to me about what I wanted and she had great ideas about what to do with my hair to really enhance it and give it some style.  Ultimately I was very happy with the outcome, and for the first time in years I got a haircut that really looks good on me.

Reviewed on 09.21.14

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

I am new to the area and needed to find someone who knew what they were doing with 3B curly hair. Jennifer was super welcoming and very knowledgeable. She talked me through what she was thinking and asked me lots of questions about how I manage my hair, what I want and how I style it. She made me feel really comfortable. I came in wanting to chop all my hair off because it was feeling heavy...she offered a WAY better alternative and I love the way it came out. I'll be seeing her in 3 months for another cut for sure!

Reviewed on 05.28.14

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

I first went to see Jennifer based on reviews for her on this site. That was over a year ago. What can I say? She does a great job with my 3a/3b hair!

Reviewed on 03.29.10

Stylist: Jennifer Reynolds

I have been going to Jennifer for over 5 years now (at least that, I've lost track). I have worn my 3B curls VERY short, and down past my chin, and have always had a great style. She tells me what will work and what won't. She listens and I completely trust her to do anything with my hair. I strayed a couple times just because the distance to her salon is quite a way for me, but I always come back. Nobody compares. I hope she never quits cutting hair!

Reviewed on 07.14.07