Asaf Ziv

31 Hamelech George
Jerusalem, 06

User Reviews

Stylist: can't remember the name

I only once had my hair cut here. It was really nothing special. I saw the stylist blow drying and bru****ng out the natural curls of one client and then announcing how proud he was that he got her hair looking "better and under control"... maybe she liked it that way but that made me a bit skeptical. My cut was not great actually. the layers were terrible and I ended up with triangle hair.

Reviewed on 06.02.18

Stylist: Shamir Ganon

Finally, after two years in this country, I found a stylist who knew exactly what to do with my curly hair. Shamit told me he had been cutting his sister's curly hair since he was a teenager. Its hard to find an Israeli stylist who wont chop your hair into tuns of layers. My friend uses assaf for her long curly hair and he's also excellent. Its a really interesting salon- they all work as a team when it comes to coloring.

Reviewed on 06.23.06