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Shelby Township, MI 48316

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Stylist: Marlene

Take my money... PLEASE! Do not waste your time or, if you really want to try Marlene, lie to the receptionist. Whatever you do, do NOT tell them you found Marlene's name on this website. What a disappointment. Based upon the previous reviews, I called to make an appointment with Marlene at Paradiso in the beginning of April 2010. I explained that I was a new client, and that I was looking for a stylist who knew how to deal with curly hair. The woman who answered the phone was rough around the edges, acted suspicious (strange) and she was reluctant to schedule me. She hemmed and hawed while on the phone with me -- "Oh, did you hear about Marlene on Naturally Curly? Oh, yeah she's on vacation, not sure when she's coming back... but I'm not sure she's even taking new clients, and especially from Naturally Curly because 'you' make appointments then never keep them." I was EXTREMELY offended and put off by this, but really wanted the appointment so left my number for Marlene to call me when she returned from vacation. No call, what a disappointment. You can be sure I will never be calling there again. Nobody cuts hair THAT well. Give me a break. I was willing to drive from New Baltimore to see her, and if all worked out she would have had another new client with plenty of referrals. She must be one of the few people in the state of Michigan these days who can afford to turn away new clientele, and risk a poor review.

Reviewed on 05.21.10

Stylist: Marlene

Marlene is now at Paradiso Salon and Spa in Washington Twp.

Reviewed on 01.14.10

Stylist: Marlene

Where did Marlene go? She is awesome but I recently called and they told me she's no longer there. Best haircuts I've ever gotten. Please post on this board if you know. Thanks in advance.

Reviewed on 08.23.09

Stylist: Marlene

Yes, Marlene is wonderful! I found her on NC about 5 years ago. She challenged me to grow my hair out and has helped me along by refusing to chop it when I start to weaken. Yesterday I stopped in just to say hi and saw her for the first time with curly hair! I thought she had it permed, but she said she's naturally curly herself! 3a or 3b (I get confused on that system) So, anyway, now we know why she's so understanding of us curlies!

Reviewed on 06.27.08

Stylist: Marlene

A wonderfully pleasant haircutting/styling experience with Marlene! I have type 3C curly hair (dry, tight, fine in texture, and tons of it!), and have struggled over the years to find someone who not only listens, but has the know-how with my type of hair. Marlene definitely fit that bill. Before doing anything we talked about my experiences and what I was looking for. I really appreciated the time she took with me. I will definitely be returning to her for future haircuts. So, almost needless to say, I would also highly recommend her for anyone with curly hair. Thanks Marlene!

Reviewed on 10.23.07

Stylist: Marlene

Marlene, formerly of Creations in Sterling Heights, has found a new beautiful salon. Marlene has been doing my hair forever and I cant say enough wonderful things. Marlene has boatloads of patience and takes her time to give each person the perfect cut. She will teach you how to deal with your crazy curls and may suggest some products if you need help controlling your 'do. Marlene is truly amazing with the curls, but if your looking for a complete transformation she is a goddess with color and highlights, too!!

Reviewed on 04.15.07