Creation's Salon

37314 Van Dyke
Sterling Heights, MI

User Reviews

Stylist: Robin

I went into see Robin based on a review that I read on this site. She was absolutely amazing!! She explained why my hair does what it does, what to cut it a certain way, why not to thin it the traditional way. I explained what I wanted to accomplish and she listened and we talked about the best way to meet that goal. I felt truely comfortable with "leaving my hair in her capable hands". That hair cut was 6 weeks ago, it has held up and looked grat this entire time - that is something I am not used to. Thank you Robin! you are truely wonderful.

Reviewed on 09.12.08

Stylist: Robin

Robin is a truly great stylist! She takes her time and talks to you about what you think about your hair, what bothers you about it, and explains everything in detail before she does anything. I have been trying to find someone for years that could work with my hair, which is coarse, curly-wave, and thick. Robin has done the task. I highly recommend a visit to creation's salon for yourself. You will have a pleasant visit, and come out looking FANTASTIC!!! Thank you Robin

Reviewed on 10.26.07