Premier Salon at Macy's, Summit Place Mall

269 N Telegraph Road
Waterford, MI

User Reviews

Stylist: Michelle Fair

After reviewing recommendations on this site, I called Macy's for a haircut appointment with Michelle Fair. She had an evening appointment available that fit well with my schedule, so I scheduled it and headed off to Waterford yesterday to get my hair cut. Hint for those traveling from the west on M-59 and using MapQuest directions: the first (westernmost) crossing of Pontiac Lake Rd. and M-59 is not the one you're looking for. The two roads cross twice and I should have held out for the second. As a result of my mistake, I got horribly lost in the winding " Although of course I do NOT recommend being late, she was very pleasant and courteous even under this circumstance, and never gave the impression that she was rushing through the cut, which I really appreciated. On to the haircut... Michelle sat down with me for a minute beforehand and asked what I was looking for in a cut. She had guessed that I found her on and asked before wetting my hair if I used shampoo. She also explained without prompting that she does do dry cuts on some curly-haired clients but didn't think there would be much benefit to that for my hair type (on the wavy side of 2b/3a). I appreciated this attention to detail and willingness to be flexible. She took off 2-3" per my request and put in a few longer layers, which I had said I wanted to help it curl better. She agreed this would help and proceeded with the cut, which I like a lot. It's basic, but no nasty surprises and just what I requested. Today (the day after the cut) it's much more manageable than before and is curling nicely. Michelle's hair was straightened during my appointment, but she stated that it is similar to mine when she wears it curly; my overall impression was that she "gets" curly/wavy hair and related issues. She also said her husband has curly hair and that she has one daughter with very curly/kinky hair and another with wavy hair. I don't have any children but if I did, I think I would be comfortable taking a curly-haired child to her since she has probably had a lot of experience from her own life with what works and what doesn't for curly and wavy kids' hair. I also asked Michelle several questions about various curly topics, including her opinion of no-shampoo routines (she's not sold on the idea but seemed very open to accommodating her clients who are CG), what her routine is when she wears her hair curly, etc. Another quick point--she said her go-to product is Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion, which as far as I can tell was not sold in her salon, so I had the impression she was trying to be helpful and impart knowledge vs. just selling products. Overall I'm very pleased and concur with the other recommendations here. Michelle was super-nice, professional, and did a great job. I'm not sure I'll go back since it was so difficult for me to get there (I work near Lansing) but I highly recommend her to others looking for an experienced curly hair stylist.

Reviewed on 12.19.06