Romeo Hair Design

1948 Montreal Road
Ottawa, ON K1J 6N2

User Reviews

Stylist: Sylvia

I decided to try out Romeo Hair Design because it is close to my new home and I had heard good things about it. When I called the salon I asked they had someone on staff who had experience with thick curly hair. They said they did and few days later I had an appointment with Sylvia (whom I now refer to as the curl butcher). When I got there she didn't even take the time to look at my hair. She sent me right back to get my hair washed. I sat on her chair and explained that all I wanted were a few long layers in bra strap lenght hair. It had been growing for nearly a year. I loved the length. I also told her that I parted it on the side. After all of that, she parted my hair in middle and started chopping away. I ended up with a lot of layers and nearly 6 inches of hair removed except for in the back where she kindly left me a lovely rat tail of longer hair. I walked home with wet hair and when it started to dry I got the full effect of the damage she had cause. I had an ear muffs/mullet sort of deal. To make matters wors one side was much shorter then the other. I walked back o the salon and her excuse was that it's because I parted ot on the side. She hacked away a little at the other side and I was on my way home again. When I got home, I called the salon, spoke to owner, demanded a refund and askedthat another stylist tidy it up. I went back a womderful lady named Dale helped me. I can tell that she was mortified with the damage her colleague had done, but she remained professional and did her best to fix it up without taking off too much more lenght. I got my refund. I have booked an appointment with a Deva certified stylist in Toronto. At this point, all I want is a decent haircut. I am willing to give up length to have something that will grow out nicely. 

Reviewed on 09.07.15