Filament Hair Salon

336 E 5th Street
New York, NY 10003

User Reviews

Stylist: Lori

Over the past 10 years, I have been to many curly salons in New York City (from Headchop in Williamsburg to Leslie Ellen in Chelsea, Bloom Beauty Lounge, Hair Rules, etc). They've ranged from so horrible I regret stepping in to above ave****, and the prices/availability have been very different as well, but after 3 visits to Lori, I will be sticking to Filament from now on. Many of those places may be suitable for others who do not have my unique hair concerns. My hair is very coarse and frizzes easily, with a mix of curls and waves and huge volume. Lori has always listened to my concerns and been able to achieve great definition and shape with my head. The price is very reasonable for the value and I'm happy I don't have to book 3-4 weeks in advance to get a seat at the salon. I'm planning on getting my first color treatment at Filament as well, and I feel ****ured I am in good hands.

Reviewed on 02.06.20

Stylist: Alex

This review is somewhat late - my cut was in early November. This is truly the best haircut I have ever had. My hair is thin and wavy and I went from long (middle of back) to short (above chin). I now have both layers and movement and curls and volume I have never had. I was shown how to style but would like to say the haircut is great even right from the shower. After many mediocre or bad haircuts I have finally found my salon and stylist. Thank you Alex!

Reviewed on 01.07.20

Stylist: Alex

Have been trying to get into this salon for months to see Alex. Finally app****ing my appointment that I had booked over a month ago, and the day before my appointment the time is changed without my approval. When I called the salon to tell them about the time change, I was told nothing could be done. I then asked to speak with the owner. Alex called me back only saying "I apologize" and blamed it on their online booking system. No accommodations attempted to be made, no compensation offered, only option was to come in 15 minutes after the new appointment time to only know that my appointment would then be rushed. What makes it even worse, is that I had called the salon 2 weeks before my appointment to confirm date/time and to discuss what the style of my hair should be for the appointment. At that time, my original appointment time was confirmed over the phone. Very poor customer service. And super disappointed. I will not be a customer where there's a lack in customer service and the customer's time is not valued. Truly disheartening.

Reviewed on 06.04.19