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Brooklyn, NY 11211
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User Reviews

Stylist: Kate

Kate gave me a great haircut. She listened to what I wanted, consulted with me when she had questions, and let me know what she was doing every step of the way. The styling afterwards was excellent, and while she let me know what products she used (they're a Deva place), she didn't push me to buy them.The only negatives are that the wash/style post-cut is not included in the price of the cut itself--while they are very clear about that, I've never been to a salon with that structure before (The cut was $60, the set $20). More frustrating was that they are cash only--plan ahead.I will definitely go back!

Reviewed on 07.30.16

Stylist: Martha Ellen

I cannot recommend Martha Ellen and HeadChop enough! All of the stylists and assistants are nice, welcoming, and truly make you, your hair, and your happiness a priority for them. Martha Ellen is amazing with curly hair, and each time I've been here, I have never left not 100% happy with my hair! She really does listen to what you want and creates a vision for your curls that matches with your own. She and Katie also have curly hair themselves (always a good sign, in my opinion!) One of the assistants, Katie, is really great with styling (like blowouts and curly sets). If you're in the area and need a haircut, definitely call or email to schedule your appointment! There are only 3 employees, though, so it books up quickly. (Scheduling 2-3 weeks in advance is always best, in my experience). 

Reviewed on 10.19.15