Jon Charles Salon

1221 W Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408

User Reviews

Stylist: Cheryl and Storie

There is a new salon in uptown that is fantastic. I walked in there and it is like one happy family, they love curly hair there, have fabulous deep conditioning treatments, and give you a glass of wine while your color sets! But Cheryl is amazing - she took one look at my uneven layers growing out and said we are going to shape this hair! Now, I do not have the pyramid anymore, no more weird frizzy puff - she has taught me techniques to make my hair soft and even shiny!! What i also love is that if you wake up the next day and it dried in a way you do not like, Cheryl totally understands that curly hair is a shape shifter and will squeeze you in to make any changes. I also have to add a word in for Storie - the best colorist in the twin cities. I had a bad color job where subsequently everything turned to brown on my head. She did a miracle and now I have great red hair that looks incredibly natural. Check them both out, I promise a great experience and a lot of love for curly girls.

Reviewed on 12.12.06

Stylist: Cheryl

Cheryl was great! I have incredibly thick unruly curly hair and she really "knew" how to make my hair be what it wanted to be. I have totally lost the pyramid shape as well the frizzies. She does a great cut and is absolutely open to making changes and listening to feedback since she knows it can look different the next day as curly hair can absolutely change. A great new salon and a great new stylist!!

Reviewed on 10.15.06