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Stylist: The Curly Way

I LOVE MY HAIR AGAIN!! I was recommended these guys from a work colleague who got her hair done by the the stylist Youlina  and when she came into work the next day there was a significant difference in the shape of her hair. I was asked to have my hair washed and styled curly with all my usual products in it the  day before or the day of the cut but it needed to be fully dry by the time for the cut. So the first review here leaves me confused as to why they went with day 4 or 5 hair. That would make no sense because they want to SEE the curls they are cutting. Youliana did my hair and was so thorough and cut each curl. She didn't finger coil mine at all because she said only certain curl types benefit from this and mine didn't need the extra effort. Yes she used lots of conditioner but I wasn't leavin enough in apparently.  I am so glad I found these guys. Worth the travel to her in East London and definitely worth the £80 I was charged. I have medium length but thick hair. Even my husband who never notices my hair being different was complimenting me for days saying how good I look. I can't stop smiling :-)  Maybe it's not for everyonext but my hair looks really good compared to before, even when I wash and style it myself. No 'normal' stylist has been able to give me the cut I want and if anything I'm used to paying over £100 and hating it so this was just refreshing. 

Reviewed on 03.12.17

Stylist: The Curly Way

I really loved the haircut I had from The Curly Way. I have never had a good curly haircut in London until I had my hair cut here. She instructed me to wash my hair and let it dry naturally, so not to manipulate the curl so she could see my natural curl pattern. I did my wash a few hours prior to her arriving at my house. I was impressed that she could guess my heritage just from my curl pattern! She gave so much volume and life to my limp curls which have been falling out from a health condition.  Three months on and my hair has grown well into the cut, without turning into a triangle which it normally does. I liked the convenience of having my hair cut at home and she made no mess, which I was worried about. She took all the hair with her. Will continute to have my hair cut here. 

Reviewed on 12.29.16

Stylist: The Curly Way

Very pricey haircut and a complete rip off!Their instagram feed makes you think the hair cuts are a complete transformation but this is only the case because they ask you not to wash hair and cut your day 3 or 4 hair, do a cut on dry and and the real transformation is because they put a lot of styling cream and finger coil your hair. The hair cut is basic and can be done by any hair stylist and for £90, it is a complete rip-off. Ask anystulist to cut your curls dry and you will be fine.

Reviewed on 08.31.16