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Stylist: Raydine

I feel so lucky to have found Raydine!  I recently moved to Chicago, and I was not happy with how my hair looked.  Kind of bummed, actually.  I read the reviews on here, went to see Raydine, and I could not be happier - I feel like myself again!  She is so thorough in her explanations, talented at her craft, and truly kind and empathetic.  She listened carefully, gave me exactly what I wanted, and shared a bunch of great ideas to streamline and improve my at-home routine.  EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO HER!  She's the best!

Reviewed on 08.15.14


Reviewed on 04.03.14

Stylist: Raydine

Raydine is absolutely fabulous: she is warm and welcoming, is happy to talk about her own training and your needs and preferences, and she is incredibly knowledgeable at a wide range of cutting techniques. My only regret is that I don't live near enough to go to her regularly; I can only see her if I happen to be in Chicago on business.

Reviewed on 01.30.13

Stylist: Raydine

I saw Raydine while visiting Chicago after seeing all of the great reviews on here. She was excellent and so knowledgeable about curls. She taught me some great tricks for at home. This was truly the best hair cut I have EVER had and I would go to Raydine for every haircut if I lived remotely close to Chicago.

Reviewed on 11.12.12

Stylist: Raydine

This is the first time I have left a salon not looking like a puff ball! Raydine is extremely knowledgeable about curly hair — she went in to the business because she had trouble finding someone who knew how to work with her own curly hair. She gave me so many tips on how to wash my hair, apply product, style it, and maintain it. She carefully considered each snip of the hair cut, and beautifully framed my face. The only thing that disappointed me was that she doesn't accept any tips! Her prices are so reasonable that I will be getting a trim every 10 weeks, like I should have been doing all these years. Also, free parking around the corner!

Reviewed on 03.15.12

Stylist: Raydine

I had a very pleasant experience with the Chicago Hair Care staff. Raydine is professional, warm, caring, honest, and empathetic. She listened to my concerns during the consultation. She explained what she was going to do before she took any action with my hair. I like my haircut. I look forward to my next appointment.

Reviewed on 10.27.09

Stylist: Raydine

I now have been going to Raydine for 6 years since I moved to Chicago. I love how much time she will take with me, and if I have a real problem she will explain everything to me. Her cuts are wonderful. She really understands curly hair as her hair is curly....She has opened up her own salon up from where she was and it is even easier to park around here.

Reviewed on 04.20.09

Stylist: Raydine

I have been going to Raydine since I moved to Chicago 5 years ago. It took me awhile to find her...I went to some bad stylists...She is wonderful. I love how my hair looks, and how she helps me with the correct styling products and things to help my overdyed hair...She is inventive and goes to all the hair shows to keep up with all the trends and techniques. I am so happy with the way my hair always styles. She always comes up with fresh ideas that make my hair look great, even in Chicago humidity!

Reviewed on 07.23.08

Stylist: Raydine

After reading others' recommendations published here, I made an appointment with Raydine at Salon Diva. What a great experience! She really takes time to listen and to execute a great cut! I wanted something easy to take care of with a bit of an artsy flair and she really delivered. Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I waited until after my second cut to write this review, and the second cut was just as great (if not even better) than the first. I have prematurely white hair, which is now very dry, and her product recommendations really helped me out with that. Five stars! *****

Reviewed on 09.07.07

Stylist: Raydine

Raydine really knows curly hair. I went to her a couple of weeks ago, and usually my hair looks great at the salon but give it a couple of days and I start hating my haircut. After two weeks my hair cut still looks great! She herself has curly and so she gave me great tips on styling and taking care of my hair. She also very patient and sweet. I highly recommend her.

Reviewed on 05.01.06