Nivala & Co Salon

15039 Crestone Avenue
Rosemount, MN 55068

User Reviews

Stylist: Julie Rose

I have been using Julie for several years. After years of bouncing from stylist to stylist but never finding anyone who really knew how to cut curly hair, I finally found Julie. She does a great job and I am always happy with the end results.

Reviewed on 03.15.09

Stylist: Julie Rose

Julie has been cutting my curly hair for almost a decade - I begged her to tell me if she ever changed salons! She has curly hair too, and absolutely understands how to work WITH the curl - I'll admit it, I'm a curl fanatic, and I love how Julie LISTENS to me, and also appreciate the fact that she helps me understand why some styles will work and others won't - she won't let me walk out the door til my hair looks great, and her attention to detail is fantastic. Julie rocks - book early!

Reviewed on 08.24.07