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Corvallis, OR 97333

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Stylist: Jason Saunders

I think everyone thinks they have difficult hair, and I’m noexception. I don’t have a ton of hair,but what I have is thick and full of body – type 2C curls mostly, except forthe back of my head, where my curls give way to straight, lifeless hair in theunder layer. Needless to say, I’vealways presented a challenge to my stylists, as there seems not to be a large marginfor error in my cuts. I looked for astylist in Corvallis after moving here in 2009, but I had terrible experiencesat some esteemed salons; I even walked out of a salon a few years ago when astylist looked at me like I had two heads after asking her to please cut myhair so it curls properly (her response: I usually cut straight hair). Thus, for 6 years, I drove 100 miles toPortland when I could, which was not often, to see a stylist there. After neglecting to book an appointment for15 months and almost taking a scissors to my own way-too-long-and-weighed-downhair in frustration, I decided to book an appointment with Jason. My only request of him was that he cut myhair between chin and shoulder length (a difference of at least 12 inches) andthat he cut it so it curled properly. Helistened to me describe my hair and its character, and he asked many questions,which I imagine helped him decide how exactly to cut my hair. Jason took lots of time to perfect his cut,and took my suggestions for tweaking it along the way. Despite never having seen my hair in itsnatural state, I walked out of Jason’s Salon with the best cut I’ve had sincemoving to Oregon. As long as Jason is stylingand I’m in Corvallis, no one else will touch my hair! Don’t even think twice… book yourappointment!

Reviewed on 02.01.16