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Saint Paul, MN 55104

User Reviews

Stylist: Brentt

Ah, dear Brentt, he is truly a curly girl's best friend. I found Brentt through this website's recommendation about 2 years ago, and hope I never have to find another stylist (a girl can dream). When I first met Brentt, I had been following the CG method for a few months and was determined to make my longish wavy hair stylish and fun. He did that and more... beyond my dreams. He made me LOVE my hair. On my first visit, he gave me a complete tutorial on how to care for my curls. Lots of the methods were ones I had read about on this website, but many were new (Brentt uses a chop-stick instead of fingers when styling my hair--makes for way less frizz!). I love that every cut he has given my tresses has been wonderful, and by far the best haircuts i have ever had in my life. He also is innovative and creative with color, and helped me branch out from simple highlights and low lights into blocks of color and other fun and beautiful options. I get compliments on my hair all of the time, and always remember to give credit where credit is due... to Brentt. Not only is he a fabulous stylist, but he is also a fantastic educator (not just to other stylists, but his clients, as well). He's fast, he's THOROUGH, he's hilarious, and never pushes me to try or buy anything. I could not be happier with Brentt!

Reviewed on 01.05.11

Stylist: Sarah

I had my wedding hair done by Sarah and have continued to go back to her since! She has curly hair herself and gives great tips and has wonderful ideas on things to try with my hair.

Reviewed on 11.30.09

Stylist: Matty

I've been seeing Matty for two years now, and he is the only person who can touch my hair. My hair looks better than it ever has in (almost) 30 years. My boyfriend, who has thick, wavy hair and my best friend, who also has thick, wavy hair adore him. My sister forgoes any New York City stylist and will fly home for Matty. Not only is he wonderful with my hair, he is a total sweetie.

Reviewed on 10.16.09

Stylist: Heidi

Heidi was completely trustworthy. She cut off 6-8 inches off my hair & had free reign on the coloring. It took her 3 hours, being as detail oriented by even defining each large curl & cutting it so it'd fall in place every following day. She truly is an artist. Everyone says I look even better than the picture I used for reference!

Reviewed on 04.18.07

Stylist: Jen

As a recent "curly convert" I had a hard time finding a stylist that could help me pull the shape together after years of fighting my natural tendancies.Jen is terrific and my search is over! She cut my hair dry and washed it afterward which made a significant difference in the outcome.I could not be happier. :) ~ Trish

Reviewed on 02.28.06

Stylist: Jen

After seeing recommendations for Jen at Moxie, I went to her myself and she did a great job. She cuts my hair dry which allows her to actually see how it will look. I've been pleased with her cuts and they also grow out well, since I think she aims to create a style that will work under "real-world" conditions. Also, Moxie now has both Minneapolis and Saint Paul locations, so you can get a good curly haircut no matter which side of the river you're partial to.

Reviewed on 01.26.06