Tendrils and Curls

3527 TX-6
Sugar Land, TX 77478

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Stylist: Sophia

After getting a horrific "pyramid" haircut at another salon, I made an appointment at T&C in Sugar Land. While it may appear on their website that they primarily work with Type 4 curls, they welcomed my misshapen Type 2/3 hair with open arms.My wait was extremely long, however, my stylist, Sophia, unexpectedly had to detangle another client's hair, and my opinion was that if she was taking that much time to help someone else in the midst of a hair crisis, she would do the same for me, so it was worth the wait. And I was right. She gave me a short yet clear and concise consultation (consultations are mandatory for new clients and  must be paid for in advance-I don't really agree with this practice but was so fed up with prior experiences, I paid it), and her shampoo/condition was quite relaxing. Sophia cut my hair better than I've had it cut in over 5 years, and though it is shorter than I prefer, it was necessary in order to fix the previous bad cut, and she didn't cut anymore than absolutely necessary. She was also very friendly yet professional. I now have the volume and layers I have been begging for since moving to the Houston area. My curls have finally found a home!As for the salon itself, it is expertly decorated, modern, and clean with a welcoming vibe. Also, they have a generous selection of curly hair products for ALL curl types- many of which I have only heard about here on NC, and some that are produced locally. No matter your skin color or ethnicity, if you have curly hair, Tendrils and Curls will treat you like the beauty you are. And Sophia is a hero wielding a cape and a pair of scissors!

Reviewed on 03.05.16