To The Woods

601 W. Rosemary St. Suite 103
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

User Reviews

Stylist: Julie Smith

There aren't enough words to describe how amazing Julie is. I have 3b/c naturally curly hair and Julie gave me fabulous dry cut in the Deva tradition. When I first walked into the salon (which is beautiful and modern by the way) my hair was a mess. I looked like I had a curly mullet. Not cute! When I sat in Julie's chair she asked me if I was tied to my length and I said no, as long as I have great shape. She then told me about how she would cut my hair and how much length she would take off. I really appreciated the fact that she talked me through the process and asked for my approval. Five stars all the way! I'm going back to salon in a few weeks to get highlights and I cannot wait! If you have naturally curly hair and you live in the Durham or Chapel Hill area, go see Julie!

Reviewed on 03.12.16