Untangle M.E. Salon

1513 Mt Zion Ave
Janesville, WI 53545

User Reviews

Stylist: Melissa

I was really nervous to go to a salon in Janesville and since I moved here 2.5 years ago, I've been going to someone in Madison.  But a friend of mine has been trying to convince me to go to her curly haired stylist for over a year and she finally got me a gift certificate from her salon for my birthday so I went.  And I'm really glad I did!  As much as I did like my stylist in Madison, Melissa really knew what she was doing with my curly hair and she made my hair look great.  She was able to work with my difficult round face/fine/oily/coarse 2c hair combination.  She knew where to keep the layers longer and where to cut them shorter to give my curls more definition.  Although I will continue to go back, I did take away one star because she used a thinning shears on my hair.  I had a vague feeling I didn't think it was the best idea but couldn't remember why but when I got home and looked it up I found all the articles about how bad they can be for curly hair.  But next time I'll just tell her not to use them.  Even with the thinning, my hair looks great and it's really easy to maintain.  Plus I am paying $15 less per haircut and don't have to make a 40 minute drive-- if you're in the Janesville area, I would recommend Melissa!

Reviewed on 03.14.16