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User Reviews

Stylist: Carissa And Kent

If anyone has curly hair you know finding the perfect hair stylist is key to your hair. One bad cut from a stylist will follow you around for months! I have lived many years with bad cuts, and stylists not knowing how to cut curly hair (I have think CURLY, curly hair). I found Kent and Carissa about four years ago and my hair has never been a problem for me since then. Kent cuts my hair; he knows curly hair and what is more important he knows how to CUT curly hair. No matter how long I have gone to him he always asks at the start of every session how the last cut did and if anything needed to be changed or tweaked. Carissa colors my hair, I had never colored my hair before cause it never came out quite right but thats because the stylist coloring your hair needs to know how to color curly hair too and Carissa does! An amazing husband and wife team these two are, and the nicest people too! A great location, easy to get to, plenty of parking, and they are fast on responding to you for appointments. If you have curly hair you will know what a gem they are. 

Reviewed on 04.19.16

Stylist: Carissa And Kent

I ADORE Carissa and Kent and have been a client of theirs for only 2 years or so. It's absolutely impossible to find hair stylists that understand curly hair and actually listen to what my concerns are. Carissa introduced me to coloring my hair and she told me that once I start coloring, I'm not going to want to stop and it's true! But what's so nice is that she's always considering the condition of my hair and making sure that we're not sacrificing the condition of my hair for more color. Kent is also AMAZING - I've never had a hair stylist that understands curly hair the way he does. He takes the time to inspect every inch of hair before he even washes my hair to understand where the curls fall. Every time I walk away from Kent and Carissa, I feel as beautiful as ever. Congrats Kent and Carissa on the new location - I'll follow you wherever!

Reviewed on 04.11.16

Stylist: Carissa And Kent

I have been a client of Carissa and Kent's for over 10 years and my hair has been completely transformed by them. I used to have an unmanageable and frizzy "80's hair band" look that frustrated me every day, but not anymore! Kent is truly an artist when it comes to finding the right cut for every type of curl and I always walk out of the salon feeling like a model. Carissa works tirelessly to make sure that I am happy EVERY TIME with my color and is constantly checking in see if she needs to make any tweaks to improve my formula. I get asked who does my hair at least once a week by someone who either loves how natural my color looks or is amazed by how perfectly my curls fall. I am also a keratin client and highly recommend this treatment to soften the curls and control frizz. Congrats on the new location.....I will follow you two anywhere!!!!

Reviewed on 03.29.16

Stylist: Carissa and Kent

I have been seeing this lovely duo for over 10 years. They have helped me explore styles ranging from my uncooperative natural curls, pixie cuts, blonde highlights, red highlights to keratin treatments and I think everything in between. I have left them and come back a few times over the years only to find that they are the only ones who will listen and deliver. They are my curly hair team forever. You will reach them for appointments much faster if you email Carissa [email protected], if you call her, sometimes it takes her a few days to get back to you. 

Reviewed on 03.14.16